Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Crossfire

A map that’s fun to play but dangerous to get caught in, Crossfire continues our Map Snapshots for Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Crossfire

A map that’s fun to play but dangerous to get caught in, Crossfire continues our Map Snapshots for Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer.

At the time of its release, Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®revolutionized the franchise’s online Multiplayer experience with its Create-a-Class system, Killstreaks, and a wide variety of maps that are still remembered to this day.

It’s only right, then, that Call of Duty: Mobile, another revolutionary chapter in the franchise’s history, contains several of the Multiplayer maps from that game, including Crossfire.

For those who have yet to experience this map, or need a bit of a refresher, here is our Map Snapshot of Crossfire:

Lay of the Land

Just like Crash, an another map originating in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,  Crossfire brings us to the heart of an abandoned Middle Eastern desert town where two sides are locked in an endless battle. 

While Crossfire does not have a true center, it could be defined by a main street that cuts through town and slopes downwards from west to east. The road is lined with buildings on both sides, with two multi-story complexes bookending it as it turns up north and south. Most of these buildings have become hollowed out husks, as explosions have reduced walls and entire rooms to rubble.

Unlike some traditional Call of Duty maps, Crossfire is Z-shaped asymmetrical map, which brings a bit of authenticity to the world being built around it. 

That means buildings of varying heights with cracks only wide enough to crouch under. It means power positions that either side can take to potentially turn the tide of battle. And, ultimately, it means that this map will challenge you to master its unique environment.

Boot Camp: Basic Tips

Crossfire has a mix of engagement opportunities ranging from long range shootouts to close quarters combat, although some areas promote the use of specific weapons more than others.

The two ends of the road are the initial infiltration points in team game modes, and both offer their own benefits for those wanting that first blood.

With very little obstructions, what acts as Crossfire’s center could be described as hallowed ground for snipers. Here, those on the southern end of the map have the high ground which can be used as a potential advantage for long-range fights.

Meanwhile, those at the northern end of the map are closer to some of the buildings on Crossfire’s perimeter. Here, close-quarters engagements may be frequent, given the tight spaces that these buildings, corridors, and alleyways provide.

Mobile Master Tactics

The initial spawn locations on Crossfire do help tailor your potential playstyle, but what if you are itching to sharpshoot uphill? How about bringing the fight up close and personal by going west to east?

A built-in counter to sharpshooters on the high ground is a large building that is partially bombed out on the ground floor. The second story of this building has a few windows to set up a watchpoint on the main street, which offers a view directly to some of the other sniping points up the road.

As for close-quarters combat, duck into the buildings on either side of the road, such as a three-story complex on the Southwest corner of the main street, to experience action. Here, a small hole in the wall allows for unconventional access from the basement level to the ground floor and vice versa, as well as a view towards two main entry points.

Navigating through this building brings up a few decisions; do you take the stairs or slide through the hole? What about waiting out an enemy who may not realize this destroyed wall exposes them to crossfire? Or is the third floor, which gives a solid view of the main street, a viable option?

Even just in this one building, the engagement opportunities are endless and represents Crossfire’s complexity. While it is not the biggest map in Call of Duty: Mobile, the varying buildings and uneven structure can be confusing to some at first. 

Don’t worry about not understanding Crossfire’s quirks on your first playthrough; like many fundamentals in Call of Duty: Mobile, learning how to bend this map to your playstyle will come naturally by playing it throughout your online Multiplayer experience.

Scorestreak Field Guide

A clear path down the center of the map is an invitation for aerial Scorestreaks to rain down fire. In using these Scorestreaks, dropping them in the middle of the map is never a bad idea. If you’re trying to get out of the Scorestreak line of fire, the buildings to either side of the road are your saving grace.

If you fancy the Sentry Gun, a powerful ground-based Scorestreak, consider putting it somewhere away from the main street. Due to its limited range, it won’t replace the job of a sharpshooter here, so it may find a bit more use covering the alleyways or in buildings on either side of the street.

Another potential place to use Scorestreaks is the initial spawn points on the map, which are typically cooler areas when it comes to engagement frequency. Here, a SAM Turret, which can counter enemy Scorestreaks, or an Airdrop can be placed more safely compared to the hotly contested areas on Crossfire.

Survey of Objective Play

In some objective game modes, a point of interest might be an alleyway towards the eastern part of the map.

This area fits right into the “close-quarters” section of Crossfire, as the low walls, dumpsters, and other obstructions limit the sightlines while its close proximity to the map’s border creates a confined space. 

Narrow areas such as these encourage the use of close-range weaponry, such as shotguns and submachine guns. In taking a direct approach to these alleyways, a fast-firing weapon or one that trades range for damage up close could help you wrest control of this compact chokepoint.

Alternatively, given that this area may require a trip across the main road, it is possible to take a sharpshooting role and pick off those sprinting across to cover. Limiting the opposition’s numbers through longshots might help your close-quarters teammates capture objectives in these tight spaces, so if you are more comfortable with a sniper in hand, take up arms on either side of the road and get to work.

Top-10 Tips

10. Crossfire is frequent on Crossfire’s main strip; keep off the main road if you are not prepared to encounter a sharpshooter (or several).

9. Due to its exposure to the elements, the main road is also a common place for players to drop Scorestreaks.

8. As a sharpshooter, scan every nook and potential hiding spot on the road for countersnipers. Otherwise, focus on those sprinting across the street to find cover.

7. The west end of the main strip has the natural high ground, but a two-story complex to the east levels the playing field. Either way, consider taking an unconventional point to potentially catch enemy players off guard.

6. Those looking to use shotguns and other weapons built for close range encounters may find engagements in the buildings that line the main road.

5. These weapons also excel in the alleyways found south of the main road, which is an area that might be important in objective game modes.

4. The initial spawn points at both ends of the map could be good for a SAM Turret or an Airdrop placement, as they are farther away from the typical action spots in the middle of the map.

3. Varying playstyles could be a major key to victory; consider swapping out a secondary weapon for a primary weapon found off the ground to pair with your original primary, such as a submachine gun backing up a sniper rifle.

2. Because of Crossfire’s asymmetry and variance in buildings, take time – potentially in Practice mode – to explore this map in detail and learn its quirks.

1. Our most important tip, as always and for every map in Call of Duty: Mobile, is to have fun!


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