Back and Ready to Battle: Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Launches Globally Today!

Master your Skills. Awaken your Champions. Reassemble the Squad: The Highly-Anticipated Skylanders Mobile RPG is Now Available Worldwide.

by David Hodgson on February 28, 2019

Ready to bring your favorite Skylanders Squad into your mobile device? Then control your Portal Master today and download Skylanders Ring of Heroes, available now across 120 different countries throughout the world. Access the game through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and for players that pre-registered, now is the time to claim the Soul Stone, allowing you to summon Spyro the Dragon!

Awaken Your Champions Today:

Developed by Com2uS and based on the Skylanders franchise from Activision, you play as a guardian of Skylands, setting out on an enthralling adventure to track down the arch-villain Kaos, and retrieve the stolen Book of Dark Magic. Play through an epic ten-part story, where you control your favorite characters, challenge yourself across a variety of fiendish dungeons, access Guilds to interact with Portal Masters from around the world, and fight your way to the top of the global PVP rankings.

Strategize your tactics by unlocking and upgrading a wide range of character elements and skill combinations, utilizing elements like Light, Fire, Tech, and Magic. Access brand-new ‘awakened’ forms of your favorite Skylanders, bringing the total number to over 80, now with a wider range of character elements: Every Skylander has their own element, giving them a particular strength and weakness depending on their opponent. The Earth Skylander Crusher, for example, should be brought into battle when fighting Tech and Water foes, but should be shelved when fighting Air and Undead Skylanders.

This is the key to your success in Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes: Learn to master the might of each Skylander, and the Skylands may yet be restored….

The Story So Far:

Skylands. A wondrous world filled with magic and adventure. An endless expanse of clouds and fantastic floating islands. At the center of the world sits the Core of Light, which keeps darkness at bay and peace within Skylands.

Most of the time, Master Eon and the Skylanders, protectors of Skylands, are able to maintain peace, but Kaos, who wishes to become the ruler of Skylands, is constantly plotting ways to enact his devious plans. Kaos tried to take over portals by using the evil power from the Book of Dark Magic, but the dark power went beyond Kaos' expectations and the portals went out of control, creating a giant rift of dimensions.

The rift of dimensions pulled in many things from other universes into Skylands, including Portal Masters of Earth. Eon, the Guardian Master of Skylands, is asking for your help to chase after Kaos with fellow Skylanders, to get the Book of Dark Magic back and restore Skylands.

For more details about Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, visit the official website, and follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.