The Atlas and the Raijin-EMX: How to Earn and Use the Latest Infinite Warfare Weapons

A light machine gun and a submachine gun, both with some very interesting properties, are available now in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Here’s a guide on how to unlock them, as well as some tips on how to use them once they are in your loadout.

by James Mattone on August 22, 2017

There are two exciting new additions to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare weapon arsenal today, and we’ve prepared this handy guide full of tips to help you earn them and add them to your Multiplayer loadouts.

Right now, you can unlock and use two new weapons that offer their own unique built-in underbarrel launchers. The Raijin-EMX is a submachine gun with burst-fire similar to the R3K, with an added ability to neutralize enemy equipment, while the Atlas is a light machine gun that can help your squad advance on positions and hold down objectives with lethal accuracy.

If you have a Season Pass, then these weapons are already unlocked for your convenience. However, if you don’t have a Season Pass, you can still experience these two new weapons if you complete two simple challenges.

Here’s how to unlock these new weapons, as well as some tips and tricks on how to use them in your favorite multiplayer game modes.


3-round burst ballistic firearm. Accurate at longer ranges but can be fired quickly at the expense of accuracy. Comes with a built in EMP launcher that detonates on impact.

How to Unlock It:

Complete 20 matches where you got at least 10 kills using burst fire weapons.

If you need a reminder on what weapons to use in order to unlock this challenge, you must get at least 10 kills using weapons like the R3K, the R-VN, or the Hailstorm.

The easiest way to achieve this is to first enter a game mode that gives you a lot of time to rack up your numbers. If you are great at Team Deathmatch, it is certainly an option, but you may have more time to suit your play style in longer game modes like Domination and Hardpoint. Obviously, don’t try to do this challenge in Search and Destroy, or you are going to have a tough time.

For burst-fire weapons, accuracy is key, so aim down sights and if they are too obtrusive for your taste, don’t be afraid to spend a create-a-class point on an optical attachment. And be sure to slot the Hailstorm into your Secondary, so you can continue to rack up kills when you need to swap weapons.

Loadout Tips

Because the Raijin-EMX has an underbarrel grenade launcher that essentially gives you a free EMP tactical grenade, it would not be wise to spend a create-a-class point on a tactical grenade.

You could be a jack-of-all trades and give yourself a Drone Shield, a Nano Shot, or Trophy System, or you can use those extra points on more attachments or perks that can help you unlock the true power of this weapon.

The Raijin-EMX is a strong candidate for a stealthy loadout, with the EMP grenade launcher making sure that enemies won’t see you coming through equipment or on the HUD. For this option, slap on a suppressor and perks like Ghost, Cold-Blooded and Dead Silence so you can get a jump on any enemy.

The EMP grenade launcher also makes the Engineer perk a perfect complement to the Raijin-EMX, as that perk gives you the ability to detect enemy equipment and scorestreaks through walls. If you want to be your teammates’ favorite player, use a launcher like the Spartan SA3 as a secondary to take out all the killstreaks you want, while using the EMP grenades to snuff out any equipment lying around the map.


Full-auto ballistic weapon. Best in class accuracy and range but has limited ammo capacity. The built in underbarrel fires a tactical Smoke Drone that moves down range while producing visual cover.

How to Unlock It:

Complete 20 matches where you got at least 10 kills using the Raijin-EMX.

Seems simple enough, right?

Just like in the challenge for the Raijin-EMX, play games that will give you a lot of time to make your mark. I would also recommend taking a peek at the Raijin-EMX loadout tips above, which could help you build a great weapon that will get you up to 10 kills in game in no time flat.

Like any burst-fire weapon, make your shots count with the Raijin-EMX. Because of the accuracy penalty for firing it quickly, be sure to have the best aim possible on your opponent.

Atlas Loadout Tips

The first tip for the Raijin-EMX still applies to the Atlas: Don’t waste a create-a-class point on a tactical grenade, unless you want to use it for a piece of equipment like the Trophy System.

The second is to take advantage of the Atlas’ built in Smoke Drone launcher. Because that will provide a smokescreen that moves downrange, it is a no-brainer to take a Thermal Sight with one of your create-a-class points. Throw a smoke drone down a long hallway, aim through the Thermal sights, and pray nobody has Cold Blooded while you pick off the stragglers caught in the smoke.

A small magazine size makes the Atlas the perfect gun to throw Extended Mag on, which will allow you to get in a few more shots before you have to reload. Speaking of reloading, you may want to pick up the Dexterity perk for faster reloads, unless you want to spend a few seconds fiddling with your gun while you are just outside of enemy territory.

Although you could experiment with all the rigs on the Raijin-EMX, you may want to focus on the Merc for the Atlas. Because of the decreased mobility that comes with a light-machine gun, the Man-at-Arms trait is a must for those who want to make sure their movement is not compromised while using the Atlas. Plus, the increase to starting ammunition is a definite bonus, especially with the Atlas’ small clip size.

So brace yourself with these tips and get cracking on unlocking these two new weapons for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Your loadout will thank you later.

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