Modern Warfare, including Warzone NEW Operator & Weapon Bundles, Now in Store for Season Three!

Operators and Operator skins. Weapon Blueprints of all rarities. Identity cosmetics. And much more, now in stylized Season Three Bundles.

Modern Warfare, including Warzone NEW Operator & Weapon Bundles, Now in Store for Season Three!

Operators and Operator skins. Weapon Blueprints of all rarities. Identity cosmetics. And much more, now in stylized Season Three Bundles.

Buckle Up for Season Three!

When Ghost and Price make a shocking discovery in Verdansk, it’s time to call in the big guns. Luckily, Tier One Operator Alex is itching for action after the Campaign’s startling end. He now returns for Season Three in the Battle Pass, as a new level of warfare unfolds across the globe.

This Season in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, rediscover iconic Multiplayer maps. Unlock killer new Operators for Warzone. AND, be ready for all engagements with distinct Operator, weapon, and gear bundles – live now in the Store!

Gear Up For Battle.

Each week, a selection of next-level bundles rotate throughout the Store. Find a full set of bundles in each Store section: ‘Featured,’ ‘Operator & Identity,’ ‘Blueprints,’ or ‘Just for You.’

These bundles offer new looks for Operators, beyond what’s available to unlock in the Battle Pass. Get your gloves on themed selections of Operator skins, weapon blueprints, stickers, charms, emblems, and even vehicle skins: a new cosmetic for Warzone. Almost all of these jam-packed sets of gear can be equipped in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone.

So, don’t hold back. Below, we’ve highlighted a few favorite Store bundles available in the first two weeks of Season Three. To see ALL the incredible new gear coming to Modern Warfare for Season Three, check the Store often!

Week One: April 7 – April 14

Featured Bundles 

Reserved for the very latest weapons, Operators, and customizations. No matter what you’re looking for, check the ‘Featured’ section first!

Featured: ‘Executive Armory V’ 

Pick up this boss-level bundle and show ‘em you’re too big to fail. The ‘Executive Armory V’ packs a full suite of blueprints: matching assault rifle, SMG, and shotgun included. And, because looking sharp is half the battle, the ‘Executive Armory V’ also unlocks a posh new sticker and charm.

Operator & Identity Bundles
Pick up the latest Operator looks. Deck out your current Operator in a new set of duds. Or, give your player identity a stylish refresh. Do it all with a bundle from this Store section.

And, don’t forget: any Operator skin you acquire in Store bundles (or via the Battle Pass, for that matter) also unlocks that Operator for Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone (if not already owned). So, if you want a new Warzone Operator – or wish your current Operator had a different look – the ‘Operator & Identity’ section is the place to check first.

Bale Operator Bundle: ‘Lights Out’

Bale puts the competition to bed, once and for all. Pick up the ‘Lights Out’ Bundle and get Bale’s all-black ‘Darkness’ Operator skin, the ‘Duly Devoted’ assault rifle blueprint, the ‘Perforate’ Finishing Move, AND a menacing voice quip, emblem, and sticker.

Blueprint Bundles

All weapons, all the time. Check the Blueprint section often to see what new and exciting weapon blueprints have arrived.

Blueprint Bundle: ‘Panda’s Treasure’

This bundle offers two blueprints of Epic rarity: the ‘Bamboo Shoot’ sniper blueprint and the ‘Mint Chip’ handgun, PLUS a cute-AF charm and sticker combo. One confrontation with these two bearish blueprints, and your foes will surely end up on the endangered species list.

AND, See Gear That’s ‘Just For You’

Don’t forget to check the ‘Just for You’ section. When there’s a bundle we specifically think you’ll like, it’s displayed in this area of the Store.

There’s MUCH More in Store.

The bundles listed above are just a small selection of all the next-level Operator, Identity, and Weapon packs available in the Store for Season Three. 

With a fresh rotation of bundles slotted for every week, you’re sure to find just the Operators, weapons and gear you need. Visit the Store often, and you’re guaranteed to find the Bundle you need to make a bold, brutal statement in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone.

So, visit the Store now! We’ll see you – and your new duds – online soon.

Get more details on Season Three and the Season Three Battle Pass on the Games Blog.

Stay frosty.  


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