Warzone™ Mastery: Verdansk Stadium (National Acropolis Arena)

The newly opened Stadium invites new strategies for landing, looting, attacking, and defending within this central Verdansk locale. Shadow Company blew open the roof; here’s how you dominate the whole structure and surroundings.

Warzone™ Mastery: Verdansk Stadium (National Acropolis Arena)

The newly opened Stadium invites new strategies for landing, looting, attacking, and defending within this central Verdansk locale. Shadow Company blew open the roof; here’s how you dominate the whole structure and surroundings.

North of Downtown Verdansk and near the banks of the Karst River, a massive indoor post-modern multi-purpose sports arena stood idle for months, as there was no competition taking place within the Warzone… or at least, none of the sporting variety.

Enter the Shadow Company.

Blasting open the roof and its various entrances (including its parking structure), the Stadium is now an open battleground for Operators looking to survive Verdansk. Stadium only adds to the numerous points of interest that existed in central Verdansk before the Company’s explosive arrival.

This is the Stadium within Verdansk – also known as the National Acropolis Arena – the latest subject of our Warzone Mastery series.

Lay of the Land

The home field of Verdansk’s most popular sports team, the Verdansk Sparks, this stadium is known by the locals as “Verdansk Stadium,” even if a recent sponsorship officially dubbed it the “National Acropolis Arena,” or “Verdansk Center” on exterior signage.

Before the blast, this area included plenty of places to loot and explore: From the heavily wooded south end of the northern hills, to a military checkpoint built off one of the main highways.

The Stadium itself had numerous points of interest. Even closed, the gates and concourses sometimes offered Contracts and Supply Boxes. It also gained notoriety for Operators sniping from the top, as it provided incredible 360-degree field of vision of the surrounding area.

However, it all changed when the Shadow Company arrived.

Now that Stadium roof is broken, with exterior ascenders attached at multiple points to allow for ground-to-roof ascent – or safer descent – in a few seconds, the arena at large is open for inspection. 

Of major note, the Verdansk Sparks are major fans of the Call of Duty League and gifted the league prominent advertisement placements for their Championship Weekend – to be held on August 29 and 30 at callofdutyleague.com – across numerous points of interest. Treat these banner and vending machine ads as a reminder to tune into the action on that late August weekend.

With that in mind, here are 18 new points of interest to learn as you explore the fully opened Verdansk Stadium:

The first four zones are the main entrances to the stadium, one in the middle of each “side.” Along with the grand entrance at the South and another at the North, the East and West gates also include access to the parking area.

Click through below to see the five entrance places of interest:

The other points of interest are mostly the stadium’s massive interior, which is what you would expect from a stadium that hosts topflight football matches – both domestic and international – along with superstar-headlined concert events.

Click through here to see the rest of the new POIs within the Stadium:

Top Ten Tips

In summary, here’s what you need to know about surviving in the Stadium, from landing and looting to attacking and defending:

10. Bullseye! When dropping here, consider angling yourself so that you fall into the open dome, then pull the chute to land safely on the upper deck, pitch or, if you’re skilled enough, right into the main concourse or tunnels. This can be done more easily by disabling the automatic parachute deployment setting in the Options menu… But just remember to pull your chute!

9. The Verdansk Stadium Clean-Up Crew. Plenty of Supply Boxes and loose weapons, ammo, and more can be found on every single level of this Stadium. Leave no tent, seat, parking space, or bathroom stall unchecked, especially if you hear that sweet, sweet hum.

8. Field of View. The actual grounds of the stadium have a multitude of engagement opportunities. On the pitch, the tents offer CQB opportunities and across the pitch or in the stands, mid-range fights can occur. And, no matter where you are inside here, always be on the lookout for those sniper glints, as there are plenty of sightlines from literally anywhere that surrounds this turf field.

7. The Long Corridor. Although it may be at an angle, the Stadium’s open concept allows for medium to large engagements within the concourse levels. Prepare to take cover or engage around the bends as you traverse through the hallways.

6. Food (and Team Store) Fight! The Club Bar, Concessions Stands, and Team Store all have counters or other large objects to take cover behind and are more suited for CQB engagements. If you drop here with an closer quarters loadout, you may find more success in your skirmishes.

5. Dude, Where’s My Vehicle? The parking structure can hold plenty of loot and offer prime access to the pitch, but you can get lost there. Consult your Tac Map and consider using Battle Hardened to mitigate tactical equipment from disorienting your squad.

4. Rooftop Drop. New Exterior Ascenders allow for better accessibility towards those phenomenal longshot opportunities, or to pick off players within the dome. If this is part of your strategy, bear that in mind that you may have more company now.

3. Executive Suite Life. The executive-level suites and concourse have fantastic views to the outside and out onto the pitch. Consider these great for long-range duels with more limited sightlines in exchange for overhead and overall better cover.

2. Don’t Forget the Past. Although the newly-opened Stadium is our focus, there are still plenty of surrounding points of interest – the forest, fumigation warehouse, and more – that continue to play a role in this section of Verdansk.

1. Watch the Match Elsewhere. Although you can’t literally watch the action at Stadium from another point on the map, keep in mind new locales tend to be super-popular drop zones after their introduction. Unless you are prepared for potential Superstore-level population counts at the start of a match, consider landing elsewhere and later arrive at Stadium well-equipped for the ensuing engagements.

For a more in-depth look at Verdansk, check out our Warzone Official Strategy Guide, which features an interactive Tac Map with over 300 points of interest – including the ones at the Stadium – along with tips that span from the initial infil to the Gulag.


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