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Skylanders Imaginators Will Be a Launch Title for the Nintendo Switch

In addition to heading to Nintendo’s newest system, new characters and adventures are coming to Skylanders Imaginators this March!



By Kevin Kelly on January 12, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

We are excited to announce that Skylanders Imaginators will be one of the launch titles for the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch when the new system launches in March 2017.Sky_Switch_Starter.jpg

The innovative design of the Nintendo Switch also introduces a new mechanic for Skylanders: No Portal of Power? No problem! With the Nintendo Switch you can load and store more than 300 toys from the Skylanders universe in a digital library, allowing players take the Skylanders and their adventures on the go.

Since Skylanders Imaginators and the Skylanders Creator app launched, fans have created and customized more than 25 million Imaginators, and we can’t wait to see what they do with the Nintendo Switch. Paul Reiche, co-founder and studio head of Toys for Bob said, “We’ve seen some amazing Skylanders created, and as kids’ collections continue to grow, we’re proud to offer more depth and variety to fans in ways never before possible with this new system.”


Also coming for Skylanders Imaginators in March will be the Cursed Tiki Temple level pack. This new pack takes players on an all-new adventure where they can unlock more than 100 new offerings for their Imaginators. The pack includes a new Sensei character, Wild Storm, a life Creation Crystal, and an Imaginite Mystery Chest.

And later this Spring players will be introduced to another new Sensei, Grave Clobber. Once a great pharaoh who ruled the Golden Desert long ago, Grave Clobber was buried by his seven jealous brothers in an underwater tomb while he was sleeping.  He eventually rose from his watery grave, clobbered each of his brothers and became the perfect choice to be a Sensei trainer for the Brawler Class.

Skylanders Imaginators has ignited the imaginations of fans everywhere, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support their gameplay experiences with Nintendo Switch, along with new toys and content coming this year,” said Josh Taub, senior vice president of Skylanders Product Management, Activision. “There are now more than 300 million Skylanders toys in the hands of fans, which equates to nearly two toys sold every second since Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure launched.  And with the new season of the animated series Skylanders Academy slated for Netflix this fall, we are thrilled that fans can enjoy playing, watching and creating Skylanders no matter where they are.”

With Skylanders Imaginators heading to the Nintendo Switch, new toys on the way, and Skylanders Academy returning to Netflix for a second season later this year, there’s never been a better time to by a fan of the franchise. So let’s get creating and see what you can do!

Skylanders Imaginators for Nintendo Switch will be available for a suggested retail price of $59.99 when the system launches, and The Cursed Tiki Temple level pack will be available for $29.99 MSRP on March 12 at participating retailers nationwide.

For more Skylanders information, be sure to visit and follow @SkylandersGame and @Activision on Twitter.



Is the content from blogs free to use?

Level 4

Please bring back the old Spyro. Fans like me have been waiting patiently for so many years for a revival of the classic Spyro series and Skylanders is not Spyro and isn't anywhere near as good as the true Spyro platform games games. Besides Skylanders ran it's course and it's wrong and messed up to be denying fans for such a long time, good gaming companies atleast take some notes from what fans want. It doesn't help that Crash, Ratchet & Clank, PaRappa the Rapper, Jack and Daxter and other PlayStation classics have been remastered and not Spyro like wow wtf? Are you having a laugh? It's not fair to us. We have been longing for remasters since the PS2 era and still have gotten nothing like wow.

Please, for the longtime Spyro fans, bring back the old Spyro games for PS4? Skylanders is done and can't replace Spyro forever.IMG_0070.JPG

Level 2

While I'm excited to see Skylanders Imaginators release on Nintendo Switch, I'm worried the Skylanders series will get discontinued just like its competition. But still, Donkey Kong and Bowser from Skylanders Suerchargers will look better than ever on Nintendo Switch!

Level 5

Nightfall from SuperChargers is my favorite Skylander.


Level 1

I love Skylanders and I´m happy about the news of not new game in 2017. Why? Because now you have time for launch an exclusive game for to the new consoles generation in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.
I don´t want play a port of Wii U, Xbox One or PS3, forget about those consoles. I want a game made for powerful consoles, I want a game to explote the potential of the new generations.

Take your time for bring us a better experience of Skylanders. If you don´t have ideas about new toys don´t worry, we´ll we happy recieving new swap force characters, lightcores, villains/traps and vehicles.

And introduce a new game style: Free camera, exploring/platforms levels, double jums and runing like in 3DS games, let some skylanders fly like in "The Legend of Spyro: The Dawn of the Dragon", update the classic skylanders habilities for be more cool... just evolve the Skylanders universe!

And don´t forget rescue classic modes like online coop for history mode, battle mode for 4 players with online (if so I will laugh of Smash Bros), battle arenas, Kaos Doom Challenge, racing mode inspired in Crash Team Racing with online for 8 or 10 players... just think on it. Don´t you think all that sounds great?

And finally you can make with Spyro the same as Crash. The classic Spyro (from PS1 games) could has his own adventure pack with his world, his friends, taking a help of the modern Spyro and skylanders in general for defeat Ripto and Gnasty Gnorc becoming a skylander like his modern twin. And having his trilogy remastered like Crash.
Ignore the haters, true Spyro´s fans will love that idea!

Think on it Activision. Demonstrates why Skylanders is the best toys for life game ever  Smiley Wink

Level 1

Not sure if you're familiar with this. But there's a company called "APM Music" claiming music on your games. Content creators featuring your games are being targeted and giving your company a bad name. Not sure if it matters, but another company is profiting from your products. Just an opinion from a YouTuber.

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