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Shiftlings from Sierra and Rock Pocket Games Now Available

Two space janitors tethered by an air hose–what could go wrong?

By Scott Lowe on March 3, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Get ready for a new type of space adventure—today, Sierra and developers Rock Pocket Games launched Shiftlings, a physics-based puzzle platformer for current-gen consoles and PC. As two hapless space custodians bound by a single air tube and starring in an intergalactic reality show, you will wield the power to dynamically expand and deflate Shiftlings’ dim-witted heroes in order to overcome obstacles and environmental puzzles spanning five worlds and over 50 stages. Whether taking the adventure alone or teaming up with a friend for local or online cooperative multiplayer, you’ll have the running commentary of the show’s eccentric announcer for comedic relief.

Shiftlings is available now for digital download on the PlayStation 4 and PC, while the Xbox One version will arrive tomorrow, March 4.


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