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How Skylanders Changed the Way Kids Play Video Games

Take a look at how the Skylanders series has grown and evolved since 2011.

By Scott Lowe on February 5, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Just over 3 years ago, Skylanders™ made its debut, launching the Toys-to-Life category and introducing an ever-expanding universe of characters, games, and collectibles. Flash-forward to today—over 240 million toys have been sold and life-to-date retail revenue has exceeded $3 billion. In December, Skylanders was named the number one kids’ console video game franchise globally. But how did Skylanders go from a wild idea from series creators Toys for Bob to one of the biggest video game series in the world? Take a trip down Portal Master memory lane by clicking on the infographic below.


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I was wondering has the idea ever came up to make a pokemon version of skylanders where yo can be a pokemon trainer not necessarily Ash. you can create your own kind of character to look however you want. instead of using action figures as the trap team and other franchises use, you would use pokeballs. the great balls for certain kinds you catch in the game,the regular ball,the ultra ball and so on.... i think you will bring back a group of  older people even who enjoyed the gameboy game and always wished to play it in a third person strategy game on a console... you earn badges in the game find pokemon all over the world... What would really be awesome is if you can bring poke balls to friends house who have the platform or portal and battle with each other in a multiplayer battle mode.... i strongly believe this will bring the skylander gaming type to a whole new level... is this a possibility is it something that can be done...who would i need to talk to

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