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Guitar Hero Live: Test Your Skills in Rivals Arena

Compete against other players, earn unique rewards.

By Scott Lowe on March 23, 2016 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Thus far in Guitar Hero Live, fans have had a chance to channel their inner rockstar in GH Live, discover new music and old favorites in GHTV, and hone their skills with the redesigned six-button guitar controller. This week, FreeStyleGames is introducing a new way to put those skills to the test: Rivals Arena*.

Building upon the online competitive mode, Rival Challenges, introduced back in December, Rivals Arena lets players compete against other players across two new competitive channels in GHTV, work their way up an all-new leveling and ranking system, and earn unique prizes.

Once players learn the ropes and reach level 15 in GHTV, they’ll gain access to Rivals Arena and two competitive channels. When you enter a channel, you’ll be matched with other players online to compete for the top score. As you win match-ups, you’ll progress through competitive Divisions, starting with Division 20 all the way up to the most coveted ranking: Division 1. Along the way, players can earn bonus tokens for going on winning streaks or engaging in several consecutive matches.

Rivals Arena will be organized into monthly seasons and those that make it to Division 15 or higher will earn season-exclusive rewards, such as exclusive player cards, note highways, and more.

For more on Rivals Arena, check out a detailed overview from the developers of Guitar Hero Live on the FreeStyleGames Blog. You can also stay in the loop fro all things Guitar Hero Live by following @GuitarHero and @Activision on Twitter.

* PlayStation Plus required for Rivals Arena play on PlayStation 4. Xbox Live Gold required for Rivals Arena play on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Rivals Arena not available on iOS or Apple TV.


1 Comment

Please fix the match making rivals in guitar hero Live! It keeps matching! It keeps putting people that are in regular or lower against expert players, this isn't fair and needs to be fixed. At this rate it is not worth my time to play rivals if I am looking before I hit the first note just because of uneven matching. PLEASE FIX THIS, THA K YOU IN ADVANCE , THE WORLD

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