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Xur’s Wares: April 28, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

By Luke Guidici on April 28, 2017
Level 6

Howdy Guardians!

Welcome back to “Xur’s Wares.” In this weekly series I take a look at what he’s selling and give you my opinion on it.

This week you can find Xur in the Tower, across from the Speaker. He’s selling: Immolation Fists, Knucklehead Radar, Obsidian Mind, and Trespasser. For the Weapons Bundles he has Invective & Storm’s Reproach and Telesto and Lingering Vestige. As usual, he’s got the usual non-rotating stock of curios, heavy ammo, exotic shards, glass needles and the like. Find out more about them here. Okay, let’s get in the reviews.


Immolation Fists

These Gauntlets are a great choice for Titans running the Sunbreaker Class. Their Exotic perk grants Explosive Pyre. This node makes it so that enemies killed by your hammer explode… and chain Solar Damage to other enemies. Letting the gloves handle this frees you up to use the Flameseeker node which adds tracking to hammers. This is a very useful perk in PVE.

I’ve found this Super is best used for add control. Sure, you can use on a boss, but it’s better for clearing out waves of bad guys when you’re getting overrun. Being able to chain damage only works when the enemies die, so the perk would not be as effective against bigger targets. Also, you don’t really need tracking for a boss… they are pretty easy to hit. Since this week’s Nightfall is both Solar Burn and Daybreak — these are a must get for Titans!

Obsidian Mind

Are you a Warlock that likes Nova Bombs? Do you like killing bad guys with Nova Bombs? If so, you’re in luck, because when wearing this Helmet, kills with a Nova Bomb reduces cool down of Nova Bomb. That’s right. the more you use it, the more you can use it! Which is semi-useful in PVP, but VERY useful in PVE. Especially because it gives increased Super energy from minions of darkness. Pair this with the Bad Juju Pulse Rifle for a Super-palooza.

I’ve had a ton of fun with this Helm on the steps of the Undying Mind Strike. So many yellow bar bad dudes to kill. If you have a Fireteam all launching Supers you can farm Orbs like no other.

Knucklehead Radar 

A Hunter Helmet, its perk allows your radar to remain visible when aiming primary weapons. This is, SO helpful, especially if you like ADSing (aiming down sites) like I do. But Rise of Iron introduced the Memory of Gheleon artifact, which has this same bonus. Not only that, but Artifact provides a more detailed tracker, and can be used by all three classes. So, if you don’t have Gheleon, or are trying to collect all the exotics for the Age of Triumph, it is definitely worth getting.


This Sidearm can be super fun in PVP, especially with the changes in Special Ammo. Sidearms spawn with ammo, so it can be a good close-quarters option to supplement a Scout Rifle. It fires in bursts and has a damage bonus after kills, plus it looks and sounds cool. It also has Arc Damage, so you know… break it out for Arc Burns and what not. 

Invective & Storm’s Reproach

The ability to regen ammo makes this the Icebreaker of Shotguns… or is it other way around? Either way, the familiar, Clop! Clop! Clop! sound of an Invective unloading can mean joy in PVE or dismay in PVP… depending on which end of the barrel you’re at, of course. This is a brutal gun with an insane rate of fire, regenerating ammo, and Solar Damage.

It’s a fantastic option for the Solar shielded Cabal. Most don’t have a ranged attack, so you can get up close and unload a full clip. The gun pulls pretty hard, so make sure to press down slightly on the right stick as you fire to counter the recoil. Definitely recommend picking this up! You can see what the gun looks like with the Storm’s Reproach Ornament on Destiny’s Instagram.

Telesto and Lingering Vestige

I don’t call this Fusion Rifle “The Besto” for nothing. It has two great Exotic perks, the first “Fusion projectiles attach and detonate with a delayed Void blast” and “Multikills with this weapons spawn Orbs for your allies." This is THE weapon to use on a "Void burn." If it’s “Specialist" or “Airborne”, all the better. Shoot, then jump. The projectiles will detonate moments later, so by jumping you’ll get the boost. This is also great for yellow bar bad guys as well as smaller adds. You can do good DPS to the bigger enemies or rack up multikills and help your team with the smaller.

But this weapon also has PVP uses too! The projectiles’ delayed reaction make this a great “area of effect” weapon, so if you are playing an objective based game like Control or Scavenger you can shoot at a location and damage any enemy that gets near. No matter who the enemy is, forget the resto and grab your Telesto! (I should trademark that). Peep what the gun looks like with the Lingering Vestige Ornament here

Well, that’s it for this week! Per normal, these pieces of armor can be had for 13 strange coins while the gun will set you back 17 coins. The Weapons Bundles each cost 30 Strange Coins & 25 Silver Dust. Happy shooting, Guardians! 

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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