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What People Are Saying About Destiny: The Taken King

Check out critics’ first impressions of The Taken King.

By Scott Lowe on September 15, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

After months of anticipation, Destiny: The Taken King has arrived and fans all over the world are getting their chance to dive into the new story, explore uncharted territory on the Dreadnaught and other destinations, battle Oryx and the Taken, and so much more. We’ve already seen some incredible response from fans online and critics have begun sharing their initial impressions. In celebration of today’s launch, we’ve rounded up some of the early feedback we’ve seen. Check it out:


An All-New Adventure

“The story elements see the most important changes. Bungie clearly put a large emphasis on the overall arc told with the Taken King, which includes a cohesive narrative, gorgeous cutscenes, and a plot that will leave you wanting to continue the side quests to find answers the main campaign leaves lingering. This is a huge step in the right direction for Destiny’s future.” – IGN

“The Taken King's story succeeds not because of the simple tale it tells (invading enemy threat, entire inner System in danger) but in the way it does so - giving life to the characters that players have spent the past year walking past as stationary NPCs in the Tower. Nathan Fillion's Cayde-6 is allowed to comfortably steal the show, although Lance Riddick's Zavala and the wonderfully loopy Eris Morn get some great lines as well.” – Eurogamer


Venturing Into the Dreadnaught

“Some of its spaces are dazzling in their design; it seems like Bungie's level design and art teams went all-out in building the Dreadnaught to reach new levels of creepy beauty.” – Polygon

“The new location known as The Dreadnaught also adds a lot for new players. There’s the court of Oryx where you can “quarter up” and fight wave after wave of bosses for big rewards. Public events take place that feel exciting and require teamwork to complete, as no enemy is a pushover here.” – IGN

“The Dreadnaught is new to Destiny, so of course there's an inherent sense of discovery in exploring this never-before-seen area. But the spacecraft is more special than that. Bungie has packed the Dreadnaught full of secrets, adding to that discovery with a feeling of wonderment.” - Polygon


Challenging New Strikes

“The Taken King comes with three new strikes, plus a fourth that is exclusive to PlayStation platforms. Each one is terrific in its own way, and they all felt more fun to play than Destiny's existing strikes.” – Polygon

“Not only did Bungie offer us remixes of old missions like the Undying Mind, but they gave us some completely new strikes to enjoy with our friends. The PlayStation exclusive Echo Chamber was easily my favorite and it implements some fun mechanics to the final boss fight, meaning you’re constantly engaged and working as a team to destroy your foe.” – IGN

“In essence, the boss fights in The Taken King's new strikes are interesting and tough because they're not as simple or boring as shooting a big bad guy until he's dead. And some of the encounters in the earlier parts of the strikes can vary each time through: The enemies might spawn from different locations, and they might be different types of enemies altogether. Even better, Bungie also updated many of the current strikes to add this variability.” – Polygon


The Taken

“The Taken are more varied than opponents of Destiny's past, with abilities that change the flow of firefights, and hierarchies that dictate who you shoot first, and when you choose to do so.” – GameSpot

“Your first run in with each variety inspires grins aplenty, from the shield-buffing Vex Goblins to the blindness-inducing Fallen Captains.” – GamesRadar+


Wielding New Supers

“Each of the new subclasses gives their respective guardian class something that they have sorely needed, and balances out the distribution of badass a little more appropriately.” – GamingTrend

“There is no doubt that fans of each character type should enjoy each new subclass, as they add a new way to play with your character, especially the Hunter as they have a support-like subclass now” – Canadian Online Gamers

“Instead of just being granted to you, each class must undertake a quest to obtain their lost subclass while learning more about just what makes them each special. This is another highlight of The Taken King, which is adding meaning to everything you do in Destiny, or at least making the meaning much more apparent” – PlayStation Lifestyle

“The Titan class is given a solar-based subclass called “The Sunbreaker,” which gives titans the ability to throw flaming hammers at their enemies, and can only be described as “f#$king awesome.” – GamingTrend


More to Explore

“I spent more than 15 hours with The Taken King, and it felt like I had barely scratched the surface of what it contains. That's an exciting feeling.” – Polygon

“The Taken King adds new factors to the Destiny equation, and removes just as many. The story, firefights, loot, and leveling all coalesce into something bigger than the sum of their parts, and something different than Destiny has been for the last year.” – GameSpot

“The Taken King helps bookend the first year of Destiny, and as we head into the second year it finally creates a firm foundation to build on for the future” - ShackNews

Stay tuned for more coverage of Destiny: The Taken King. In the meantime, check out our comprehensive launch guide and be sure to follow @Activision, @DestinyTheGame, and the developers @Bungie on Twitter.


1 Comment

Disappointed by the Destiny TTK Deception.  It should be called "The Taken Gamer" (or Wallet).

Legendary where?

There is nothing Legendary about this version: Standard disc, and 3 vouchers (all expansions, weapons code you can earn next year for free anyway, and 30 day trial).

Tomb Raider, Diablo 3, Sleeping Dogs, Dragon Age and Skyrim all have REAL Legendary/Definitive/Ultimate Editions that included all the DLCs on the disc or additional disc depending on your console.

What does the case read? Reads "Legendary Edition - Expansion 1, Expansion 2, and Taken King" and the back of the case reads"includes"and then lists the same. 

According to some moderators this is acceptable and my own fault for assuming everything would be included on disc.  If a label reads that its included and it is not it is not my assumption that is the problem but their misleading marketing.

R U Disappointed by Destiny LE TTK Ruse - aka The ... - PlayStation® Forums

This is a money grab.  There is no value over the electronic copy whatsoever.  Save yourself the time, tax, and disappointment after months of waiting for an all-in-one. 

There is nothing worth having in the physical copy unless you are a totally new player and want it all. 

If you are upset speak out and be heard.

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