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Weekly Rituals, Revealed!

A Look at Treasure of Ages, Daybreak Strikes, and more new activities in store with Destiny’s Age of Triumph update

By Luke Guidici on March 20, 2017
Level 6

Greeting Guardians,

We’re back this week with more to reveal about the Age of Triumph. This week DeeJ hosted a livestream with guests Tim Williams and Joe Sifferman, both lead designers at Bungie. The topics for this stream were twofold, they talked about the new Weekly Rituals and they revealed some updates to the Eververse store.

The Weekly Rituals have several new components and activities to them. Like the updated Raids we talked about last week, these updates are a celebration of the journey that all Guardians have been on. They highlight the battles we’ve fought, the quests we’ve bested, and the fun we’ve had. Not only that, but this event is designed to reward us for our actions with drops being “generous as heck.” There’s the Weekly Crucible Playlist, The Weekly Nightfall, Siva Heroic Strikes, Challenge of the Elders, and the Weekly Story Playlist.

Each also has some pretty cool potential rewards including the new Treasure of Ages box. The Treasure of Ages box is a reward similar to the Treasure of the Dawning and Radiant Treasures that have been offered in previous events. This box will contain several guaranteed Eververse items from a list that includes everything that the Live Team has previously released. So if you’re missing any Armor, Ghosts, Emblems, Ships, Horns, Sparrows, this will be relevant to your interests. Note: while SRL Emblems are available through these boxes, some Sparrows and Shaders that were tied to event-gated Quests are not available through these boxes.

PLUS you’ll get a consumable and an item from a new loot pool that includes Armor, Exotic Ornaments, Ships and Shaders. Next week DeeJ will be talking more about these rewards, but so far it sounds like we’ll have some pretty cool new ways to style our guardians.  

Not only that, but the Silver Dust kiosk is getting a massive expansion. So, if you get an item you don’t want, break it down for the Silver Dust, and go shopping. There’s Shaders, Sparrows, Masks, Emotes, and Engrams for armor. If you’re like me and looking to get the “Collector” page in the new Age of Triumph Record Book completed, this will be a great way to do it. Keep in mind, DeeJ reminded us that our Destiny 1 items will stay in Destiny 1 so we should spend our silver balance because it won’t transfer to Destiny 2.

Now that you know what the Treasure of Ages rewards are, let’s talk about how to get them.

Weekly Crucible Playlist

This will be a 6v6 game type. Before you play, make sure to swing by the Tower and visit Lord Shaxx, starting on March 28th. He will have TWO weekly bounties, and one will match the weekly playlist. These are great ways to get high-level gear as they provide Nightfall level rewards. Next, load up the playlist from the director, finish your first match and you’ll get a Treasure of Ages box. 

Challenge of Elders

This arena style combat is being brought up to 390 level light. You’ll get 10 Legendary Marks for each of your first three completions and one legendary reward on your first time through. Learn more and find a Fireteam to battle with on Bungie’s site.

Weekly Heroic Strikes

Each week this playlist will reward you 10 Legendary Marks for your first three completions and a Treasure of Ages box the first time you finish a strike It also features matchmaking, so you’ll be paired with other Guardians. This is one of my favorite activities in the game because the rewards are great and the different modifiers give you a chance to try out different combinations of exotic gear and weapons. For example this week is Small Arms and Solar Burn so I might hook up my Sunsinger Warlock with a Scout Rifle, Solar Fusion Rifle, and the Sunsinger Gauntlets.(Solar Grenades FTW!!!) 

Weekly Story Playlist

This is one of the new offerings for Age of Triumph. First up, you’ll want to visit the Speaker in the tower and get a new quest. Then go to orbit and select the playlist from the director. This will feature story missions, now at 380 light that go all the way back to the original release of Destiny. You’ll earn 20 Legendary Marks for your first five completions, and just like the Strikes, your first completion will get you a Treasure of Ages box. Yes, that’s right, you can earn up to One Hundred marks a week in this playlist! Additionally, “Five times per week, players will be rewarded with various Planetary Materials, Consumables, or Glimmer upon activity completion.” This is a great way to relive our previous adventures and be handsomely rewarded for it.

Weekly Nightfall

The Nightfall will still be a 380 level light, but with one really, really awesome change, the Daybreak modifier. This will add the Epic modifier for the bad guys and will increase the recharge rate of your Grenades, Melees, and Supers. If you are saying “This sounds a lot like Mayhem in the Crucible” well, you’d be right. It is the same recharge rate! Mayhem has always been one of my favorite game types and the chance to play it against a bunch of adds has got me pretty dang excited. This is a celebration of our light and the power that we’ve harnessed. In the words of DeeJ it will turn us into the “ultimate badasses” and allow us to hurl our light in every direction.

The stream showed a Fireteam tackling the Sunless Cell strike and it was rad to see them chaining supers. Definitely a chance for us to create tons of orbs for our teammates and keep the super-trains running. It’s worth noting that there are several different milestones in the new record book that will benefit greatly from this game type. The Daybreak modifier will be active the first week, March 28th, and then once a month until July 18th. From there it will run the six consecutive weeks through August. 

A couple more miscellaneous things about the Nightfall; the enemies will be the same level as they are now, the rewards will be just as good, keep an eye out for a RAINBOW burn (oh snap!), and the NIGHTFALL XP BUFF is back! Yes, that’s right, once again you’ll get the blue flame around your head that signifies you’ve complete the Nightfall for that week. That means all your Strikes, Crucible matches, Bounties, and other activities will give you more XP and more rep, which means more rewards. 

Next week will be the final livestream where DeeJ and company will discuss the new Gear, new Ornaments, and how the reintroduction of Legendary raid weapons will impact the sandbox.

Stay tuned!

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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