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Upcoming Changes to Destiny's Iron Banner

Improvements to level performance, rewards, and more.

By Scott Lowe on October 27, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Earlier this month, Destiny players were given an opportunity to test the might of their Guardian and all of their acquired gear in the Iron Banner. As the battles were waged, however, Bungie gathered feedback on how to improve the experience and recently announced a suite of changes to be introduced in the next Iron Banner. When Guardians come to blows in the next event, the distinction between player levels and the power of their gear will be more recognizable. Lower level players will be rewarded for remaining in a match, even if defeat is imminent. Upon a loss players will receive a special Medallion of Iron, which can be redeemed for a reputation reward after their next win.

As was the case with the first Iron Banner event, those who prevail will also have a chance to earn exclusive armor, though now these rewards will be more powerful to give players new ways to reach the endgame pinnacle of Level 30.

To learn more about these improvements and see more of the fine tuning and new features coming with the next Iron Banner, visit


1 Comment
Level 43

At least Bungie tried to fix their problems. Hopefully the Iron Banner will put players through the trail of fire as it should have before.

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