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Try Out Destiny for Free Starting Today

Limited-time trial or demo available now.

By Scott Lowe on November 18, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on Destiny, there’s no better time than now. Starting today, November 18, anyone can try out Destiny for free as part of a limited-time demo or trial for their current or last-gen console. As part of the promotion, players can create and evolve a Guardian of their own and participate in story missions, as well as co-operative and social activities. Best of all, anyone who purchases the complete version of Destiny after participating in the demo or trial will be able to pick up right from where they left off with their Guardian and progression completely intact, provided they remain within the same console family.


For those on current-gen platforms, the Destiny trial can instantaneously upgraded to the full game via their console’s digital storefront — no further download required. Those playing on last-gen consoles, however, will need to purchase a copy of Destiny digitally or through retail, independent of the demo.

To download and access the Destiny trial or demo, check out the digital storefront of your console of choice. For more information, including disk space requirements and supported consoles, check out the FAQ on


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