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The magic of Amazon’s Alexa gives Destiny 2 players a real-life Ghost!

The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill for Alexa, voiced by Nolan North, provides players with an innovative, interactive experience never seen before in a video game.

By Kevin Kelly on November 30, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

Ghosts are stalwart companions for Guardians fighting to protect humanity in Destiny 2. Ghosts direct Guardians on quests, impart useful information about the world, provide levity and companionship, and keep them alive. Now Destiny 2 players can have the same relationship with their own, personal Ghost in the real world.

The new Destiny 2 Ghost Skill uses the power of Alexa to enable Destiny 2 players to issue commands and ask questions aloud as if speaking to their own, real-life Ghost. Players can ask their Ghost which of their friends are online, receive advice on which game content to tackle next, or request details about game lore like, “Alexa, tell Ghost to tell me who are the Red Legion?”

The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill will also allow players to use voice commands to swap out pre-defined gear sets and make it easier to tailor loadouts for specific activities, like the Raid. With the new skill, changing your gear set can become as simple as saying “Alexa, tell Ghost to equip my Raid loadout.”


Nolan North, who provides the voice acting for the player’s Ghost in Destiny 2, also lends his voice to the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill app and has recorded new dialogue, which makes the experience even more authentic.
The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill is available now for free to Amazon Alexa customers and requires an Alexa device*. If Destiny 2 players want to make the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill experience even more immersive, they can add the Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost, an Alexa-compatible WiFi-enabled speaker molded as a Ghost shell.

The Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost is available for pre-order at an SRP of $89.99, and is available for preorder now. The Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost is not needed to use the free Destiny 2 Ghost skill, but the game and an Alexa device are required.*

“Alexa, tell Ghost to call for back up,” because we’re heading back into the fray to try out this new Skill.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.

* Requires Destiny 2 Ghost skill for Amazon Alexa, Destiny 2 game, Alexa app, internet connection, Alexa device, and account


Level 1
I am seeing this device called various names. Which is it? "Ghost", "Ghost Speaker", "Ghost device"? I think the word "Ghost" is reserved for the entity you talk to in the game? The noun (the last word ) on the formal name of this device is confusing "Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost". The name should be "Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost Speaker". I have been confused for days about this.
Level 1
Assumed true statement? The Alexis device is required, but doesn't have to be sitting next to the TV (like the Ghost speaker device and game console would be). Once I install the Ghost device (near the console -- but networked wirelessly to my Echo) the Ghost device will listen to my voice and relay commands to my game console via my Echo. Question.. Does the Alexis device need to be in the same room? (i.e. can I move my Echo to the basement?) In that second scenario I speak to the Ghost Speaker (next to the TV, next to the game console). The Ghost device starts flashing and connects to the Alexis device in the basement -- which uses the Ghost Skill to send the command to the game console back upstairs. Feasable?

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