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The Iron Banner Returns to Destiny with Level 32 Gear Up for Grabs

Push closer to a maxed out Guardian by playing the new PVP event.

By Scott Lowe on January 13, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

The first Iron Banner event of 2015 is now underway in Destiny. The ultimate test of your Guardian’s power and gear, the Iron Banner began early this morning and will continue until January 19, with matches spanning a mix of 6 vs. 6 objective team modes and maps. Bungie has confirmed that the event will give players a chance to earn unique weapons and gear that will bring them closer to maxing out their Guardian at Level 32. This time around, there's a chance of earning a Level 32 Sniper Rifle or Auto Rifle through a post-match drop, as well the ability to buy Level 31 Chest armor or a Level 32 Hand Cannon, Rocket Launcher, or Gauntlets through Lord Saladin.


For those unfamiliar, the Iron Banner is a limited time in-game event that allows players to wield the true might of their Guardian in competitive PVP matches. A player’s light level and the attributes of their weapons and gear are factored into engagements, providing a competitive edge. As they progress through the Iron Banner and complete bounties, players can gain reputation that unlocks high-level armor and powerful weapons for purchase. Coveted items can also be acquired through drops after matches.

For more on the Iron Banner, check out the event page on


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