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The First Seven Days of Destiny in Numbers

Bungie reveals the first week's worth of activities, Crucible data, and more.

By Scott Lowe on September 22, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Last week, we announced that over 100 million hours of Destiny had been played in its first week, but now, Bungie has provided more insight into how Guardians have spent their time. In a new post to, Bungie has revealed that Destiny has surpassed every studio record to-date and that players engaged in over 137 million activities in the first seven days of availability. What's more, the average game session lasts roughly three hours and rises to four hours on weekends. As for the Crucible, Bungie says over 1 billion players have been "served" in PVP play — which is to say, there have been 1 billion player deaths.



Be sure to head over to to see more stats, read a recap of Bungie's community game sessions, and an interview with Primeguard — the first fireteam to complete the Vault of Glass raid.


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