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The Age of Triumph Has Begun!

Some helpful tips on where to get started in Destiny's latest Live Event.

By Luke Guidici on March 31, 2017
Level 6

Salutations. Guardians!

As many of you already know, Destiny 2 has been announced! It looks like some bad stuff will go down at the Tower, but luckily there are still a bunch of us Guardians left to fight back the Darkness.

While we wait for the gameplay reveal on May 18 and the September 8 launch date there’s plenty to play as the Age of Triumph has begun! For those of you that are asking “What is the age you speak of, and why is it triumphant?” Well, let me tell you. The Age of Triumph is the final “Live Event” for Destiny. It is a celebration of the battles we’ve fought, the fun we’ve had, and the memories we’ve made as we battled back The Darkness. There are updated Raids, new Weekly Rituals, new Ornaments and more. There’s also a gigantic new Record Book. It’s the biggest one yet, with 13 pages of challenges and ways to show off the parts of the game that you love the most.


But where should you start? May I humbly suggest that you visit the Speaker and pick up the Age of Triumph Quest? For the first step on this Quest, “Destroy the Darkness” you’ll need to complete five of the Weekly Story Missions. This is a great way to earn some sweet loot, Legendary Marks, and to work on filling out your record book. The first mission you complete will get you a Treasure of Ages box. Mine contained the new Dragon’s Breath Ornament, Tigershark, and it’s pretty freakin’ sweet. You’ll also get 20 Legendary Marks for each mission you complete. These missions are Light Level 380 and now have modifiers. This week they are Heroic, Specialist, and Juggler. It’s really cool looking back at these missions. It’s been a while since I’ve played some of them and getting to hear the first clues about Rasputin, Oryx, and the Traveler is great.


There are a couple of ways these missions will also help you work towards completing your Record Book. First off, no matter what class you are playing, there’s a page for it. Since I main a Titan, I’ll talk about page four, “Titan’s Will”, but all of them have the same sort of Milestones. To complete this page in your record book you’ll need to kill enemies with Grenades, Melees, and Supers and you’ll also need to generate Orbs. Now the “Daybreak” Nightfall is going to be crazy good for these milestones, but if you are playing solo, like I am today, the Story Missions are a great way to whittle away at them.

There are a few other Milestones you can achieve, one that I found was in the mission “The Last Array.” If you look at page 11, “Wanderer” you’ll see “Disturb the Remains.” During the mission you’ll need to collect some dead Ghosts from the Fallen. After you do this, look around for a small cave toward the middle-left of the map. In there are the remains you need to disturb. Boom. Another Milestone completed!

After completing the five story missions, you’ll be given the next step in the quest, “Eternal Vigilance.” To complete this section you’ll need to do three Patrols in each of the game’s locations. I’m fairly confident there will be more steps after this, but I’m taking a break from playing so I can write this!


One other part of the Record Book I’m working on filling out is page 12, “Allegiances.” For this you’ll need to rank up all the different factions, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult to Level 25. I’ve already hit them for the first two, but I had never ranked up my FWC that far. Luckily, I’ve got a lot of Motes of Light and Heavy Weapon Synths that I can contribute to the cause.

While I was exchanging those with Lakshmi for rep, I discovered something new in Age of Triumph, the rewards for Faction Packages now drop at Max Light Level! Previously these were capped at Level 390, but now they will drop up to 400. So if you’re on the quest to get to Max Light, this is a great way to get there. Just make sure you equip your highest level gear before claiming the rewards. Here’s a handy guide that talks more about leveling up your character. 

There’s a lot more to do in the Age of Triumph. I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the next few weeks! 

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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