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New Development Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Changes to Destiny 2

Guardians have new challenges, powerful gear, and more to look forward to in Destiny 2

By Dennis Scimeca on February 2, 2018
Level 7

On January 12, Bungie shared a general timeline of future changes coming to Destiny 2, and on January 31, Bungie delivered solid dates for two of the new content updates.


On February 27, Destiny 2 players will have all new reasons to play the challenging Nightfall Strikes. Nightfalls will drop unique rewards and Guardians will be able to compete for bragging rights as scoring is added to Nightfalls. Guardians will be able to see the positions of Fireteam members on open-world maps, and Exotic engrams will be less likely to translate into repeated rewards.

On March 27, fans of the Crucible and Strike missions will receive some awesome content. The Iron Banner multiplayer tournament will host 6v6 matches and difficulty modifiers will be added to Heroic Strikes. This update will tune Exotic weapons and armor to make them more unique compared to Legendary gear, and weapons and Guardian abilities will be tuned as well.

Finally, while no specific date was given for the upcoming May 2018 update, we do know what content is on the way. Some of the coolest changes coming in May are private Crucible matches, an increase in Vault space, Prestige Mode for the Eater of Worlds Raid lair, and Masterwork versions of power Exotic weapons and armor.


In the meantime, the first update of the development roadmap, Update 1.1.2, went live on Tuesday, January 30 which coincided with the beginning of Destiny 2’s next Iron Banner tournament. Now, thanks to the new update, all armor may also drop as a Masterwork version, similar to Masterwork weapons, that carry bonus stats as compared to Legendary versions of the same armor.

Destiny 2 players who love the Leviathan Raid and Eater of Worlds Raid Lair received some exciting content with Update 1.1.2. First, players can now purchase Raid armor and weapons directly from the Raid vendor, Benedict 99-40. The stock of armor and weapons will rotate, giving players the ability to complete Raid gear sets.

Players who complete either Raid activity will also at the end of the activity have a chance to earn a brand-new Exotic Ghost that can only be earned on the Leviathan!

The really big news for Raid fans is that Raid armor drops after Update 1.1.2 come equipped with mods that grant Raid-specific bonuses like dealing extra damage, providing extra protection against damage, or faster ability recharge rates, while fighting on the Leviathan. Additionally, Raid armor earned prior to Update 1.1.2 can be equipped with a Raid-specific mod by spending one Raid token.

There’s a lot on the way, and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Exciting times, Guardians!

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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