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How to use the Deadly Snowballs of The Dawning

Enjoy a powerful new addition to your arsenal during the holiday celebration!

By Dennis Scimeca on January 4, 2018
Level 7

Guardians have been having fun pelting each other with snowballs in Destiny 2’s social spaces since the Dawning celebration began on December 19. However, the Tower and the Farm aren’t the only places decorated with snow. Piles of snow are spread through Destiny 2’s open maps and are plentiful in Strike missions. If you use snowballs correctly they can be a serious weapon to employ against your enemies. Here’s how to use snowballs and why you ought to.

Walk up to a pile of snow and then press and hold the interact button to make a snowball. To throw the snowball, pull the trigger like you would fire any other weapon. The reticle will look similar to that of a grenade launcher so that you get an idea of the range for your target.

When you make a snowball you will suffer the “Frostbite” penalty. This penalty only lasts for ten seconds, but it prevents you from making another snowball during that time. If you hold onto a snowball and allow the Frostbite penalty to run out you can throw your snowball and then immediately make another one, after which you will suffer a fresh Frostbite penalty.

Managing Frostbite is important if you want to use snowballs in combat. Running over to a pile of snow, expecting to make a snowball, and instead standing out in the open exposed to enemy fire while waiting on the penalty to expire can lead to a bad end for a Guardian.


Enemies hit directly by snowballs will take significant damage. Enemies hit with splash damage from a snowball will be stunned and stagger around for a few seconds. A well-placed snowball can stun small groups of enemies and turn them into easy targets.

When you get hit with a snowball by another Guardian you suffer the “Chilled to the Bone” penalty which lasts 15 seconds and prevents you from sprinting. In the Tower or on the Farm this is just a fun annoyance to bother your friends with. If you get too close to a snowball explosion during combat, the Chilled to the Bone penalty can make you an easy a target for your enemies, so be careful.

Snowballs will only be available for use in Destiny 2 until the end of the Dawning celebration on January 9, so get your frosty fun on while you can!

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