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Guardians, Fuel up for the Fight with Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts!

Bungie and Activision are excited to announce partnerships with Rockstar Energy Drink and Pop-Tarts with custom offers to celebrate the launch of Destiny 2

By Kevin Kelly on August 7, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

Destiny 2 is heading your way starting on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for the PC. Which means you have just a few short weeks to prepare yourself. Thankfully, Bungie and Activision have partnered with Rockstar Energy Drink and Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries to fuel your Destiny 2 gaming experience, complete with in-game items and XP boosts to keep you going.


Rockstar Energy will roll out new Destiny 2-themed cans in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. The premium cans will also include codes that are redeemable for in-game gear to outfit your Guardian with, as well as a shot at a sweepstakes that includes daily and weekly prizes, as well as a grand prize of Destiny 2-themed motorcycles! Flavors in the U.S. include Original, Punched and Zero Carb, Canada has Original, Punches and Burner, with the U.K. getting Original, Punched Guava, and XDurance, while Germany sports Original and Sugar-Free. Head to to redeem codes and get more information.


Pop-Tarts will offer an XP Boost, which will be included free with a purchase of specially-marked packages of Pop-Tarts for a limited time. Additionally, Pop-Tarts will feature custom-designed, collectible packs highlighting each Guardian Subclass, and you can look for those Hunter, Titan and Warlock packs to hit store shelves in 8-count and 12-count varieties this September. For more information and to redeem codes, head to starting on September 1.

Whether you’re pushing back against Ghaul’s invading foot soldiers, or forcing your opponents to eat crow in PVP, Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts are a perfect complement to your adventures in Destiny 2 and beyond.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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