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Get Ready For The Live Reveal of Destiny 2, Year Two

On June 5, prepare for an inside look at the future of Destiny 2! While you wait, find out about all of the updates that Bungie revealed last week!

By Dennis Scimeca on June 4, 2018
Level 7

The future of Destiny 2 is about to be unfurled before a live audience and you won’t want to miss it.


On Tuesday, June 5 at 9 a.m. Pacific, Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ will host the Destiny 2 Year 2 Reveal on Twitch. Destiny 2 Game Director Steve Cotton and Project Lead Scott Taylor will join DeeJ on the livestream to unveil a new Development Roadmap, respond to community feedback, and take the lid off of some surprises.

In the meantime, Bungie continues to deliver on its promise of continual improvements to Destiny 2, with three categories of meaningful updates to discuss.  First up are changes to Faction Rallies. Previously, players were able to pledge different characters to different Factions, effectively meaning that a player could fight for all three Factions if they had three characters. Now, Destiny 2 players will only be able to pledge to one Faction per account. Faction choice matters now more than ever.


This is especially important for Guardians that are looking to attain Masterwork Catalysts for Exotic weapons. Each Faction will offer a Masterwork Catalyst for one Exotic weapon – Graviton Lance for Dead Orbit, Sunshot for Future War Cult, and Sweet Business for New Monarchy. If you want all three Catalysts be prepared to participate in all three Faction Rallies during Season 3.

Bungie has introduced a new Faction Rally system called Renown that increases Faction Rally rewards and game difficulty when activated by players. Be prepared for an entirely fresh Faction Rally experience in Season 3.


Bungie is also adjusting the difficulty on the new Escalation Protocol Public Event on Mars, introduced in Expansion II, Warmind. Enemy Power levels on Waves 4 through 7 are being lowered with the intent of making Escalation Protocol better-suited to three-Guardian Fireteams.

Check out the Bungie blog for more details on all of these game improvements, information on the new Warmind digital comic, and some sweet YouTube videos of Guardian shenanigans.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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