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Face Down The Hive And Prepare To Save Rasputin With The Official Trailer for Warmind

Get an early look at Destiny 2's newest expansion which launches on Tuesday, May 8!

By Dennis Scimeca on May 7, 2018
Level 7

Warmind, Expansion II for Destiny 2, launches on May 8. You can get a taste of what it’s like to battle the Frozen Hive, survive the punishing Escalation Protocol, and wield new Exotics in order to save Rasputin, by watching this brand-new trailer.

This trailer for Warmind dishes out looks at the new Worldline Zero Exotic sword, the Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle, and the Huckleberry Exotic Submachine Gun. Footage of the new Escalation Protocol event makes it clear that Guardians will need these new Exotics and any other advantage they can get to survive.

Watch Zavala and Ana Bray lay out the stakes in Warmind, the mission to save the powerful artificial intelligence Rasputin or allow it to be destroyed by the monsters of the Frozen Hive that have awoken on Mars. Take a look at the new bosses and fresh Hive terrors that await Guardians in Warmind’s new story campaign and fresh Strike missions.

Finally, the trailer gives Guardians a glimpse of the new Raid Lair, Spire of Stairs, that goes live on May 11. Steel yourselves, Guardians. Warmind awakens tomorrow!

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