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Explore Warmind’s Unique Additions To Destiny 2

Only the craftiest and most daring Guardians will solve the puzzles and conquer the challenges of Hellas Basin on Mars. Do you have what it takes?

By Dennis Scimeca on May 14, 2018
Level 7

Meeting Rasputin and defeating the Worm God are just the tip of the iceberg in Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind. The Hellas Basin on Mars is loaded with secrets to discover, missions to complete, and challenges so difficult they’ll make even the most experienced Guardians feel like fresh meat.

Like all of the destinations in Destiny 2, Hellas Basin offers Region Chests and Lost Sectors to discover, and Quests, Adventures, and Patrols to complete. Let’s take a quick look at some of the content that’s unique to Hellas Basin.


A new Witches’ Ritual Public Event can be found on Mars, in the Glacial Drift landing zone. Be warned that kicking this Witches’ Ritual into Heroic mode will summon an extremely nasty Ogre to contend with.


In the Warsat Down Public Event, one of Rasputin‘s satellites crashes to the ground. Stand firm against waves of Hive enemies to control the satellite long enough for your Ghost to transmat it out. One note about triggering the Heroic Mode for this one: keep an eye on the Shriekers. They won’t stay open for long.


Resonate Stems can drop from multiple activities in Hellas Basin. If you collect four Resonate Stems you can create an Override Frequency that can be used to open one of the Sleeper Nodes hidden around the map.


Sleeper Nodes contain lore that will shed light on the mysteries hidden within the Clovis Bray facility. You can find Sleeper Nodes spread throughout Hellas Basin. Each Override Frequency you create matches up to a specific Sleeper Node. The Override Frequency will include a hint as to where to find the matching Sleeper Node.


There are 45 data fragments to be found in Hellas Basin. They look like holographic targets. Each fragment can only be destroyed by a certain type of damage. A purple fragment can only be destroyed with a Void weapon, for instance. You receive an Exotic reward after destroying 35 fragments and a second Exotic reward for clearing all 45 fragments, so keep an eye out for data fragments while you explore Mars.


The Escalation Protocol event can be started at several different locations in Hellas Basin. Each location is marked with a square panel crackling with Warsat energy. You can only use these panels to begin Escalation Protocols after you have finished the Warmind story campaign.

When Escalation Protocol begins, waves of Hive monsters will start flooding the area. Escalation Protocol has been designed to be one of the most difficult activities yet in Warmind. In these early days of the expansion, before players have approached maximum Power level, do not expect to survive very long during an Escalation Protocol event.

For now, be aware of the locations where Escalation Protocols can begin and be careful not to trigger one accidentally while exploring Hellas Basin. You may find yourself running for your life.

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