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Experiencing the Destiny 2 Campaign in Homecoming

Our thoughts after playing part of the opening campaign mission in Destiny 2. Spoiler Alert: We loved it.


By Luke Guidici on May 26, 2017
Level 6

Hello, fellow Guardians! I’ve had a week to recover from the Destiny 2 Reveal Event, which I sorely needed as it was quite an amazing experience. I was able to learn all sorts of new information about the game, see old friends, make some new ones, and play the game. In my last post, I talked about the new Strike and the PVP mode Countdown with my friends Colton and Mark. If you haven’t seen our gameplay footage and thoughts, you can check it out here.

But enough about those guys. In this post I’m going to talk about the Homecoming mission from the campaign, part of which we got to play at the event.The mission began with a cinematic where Cayde-6, Ikora Rey, and Commander Zavala are trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious sensor anomaly… or rather a lack of sensor anomalies. It turns out that all of the sensors are offline, and during that moment of realization the Cabal brutally attack the Tower. The mission starts right after that and places you smack dab in the middle of the pure chaos.

The attack has destroyed much of the Wall, and all around us frighteningly awesome, glowing orange Cabal drop-pods rain down from the sky. The design of these are extremely cool: they look nearly molten, almost like they’ve come straight out of a volcano. Their walls ‘dissolve’ and out march the bad guys, intent on destroying everything in sight. As I eagerly fought off the waves of adds, I noticed a small change from the original game: your “Mission Objective” now shows up in the HUD. In Destiny, you had to open your Ghost to see what that objective was, but now it’s a nice on-screen reminder of your current goal.


Another thing that really struck me right away was getting to fight alongside Zavala. It is extremely cool that the NPCs we know from the Tower are now actively involved in the battles. Not only is Zavala right there with you, but he also drops Orbs for you, which is extremely helpful for your brand-new Supers. During Bungie’s opening keynote, we were introduced to the Titan’s Sentinel, the Hunter’s Arcstrider, and the Warlock’s Dawnblade.

In this campaign mission I played as a Warlock, which meant I got to rain flaming swords of death from above with the Dawnblade. It reminds me a bit of the Titan’s Hammer of Sol, but with this new Super you remain floating in the sky like a fiery angel until it wears off.

After repelling the Cabal waves, the next task was finding the Speaker. It was only as I ran towards the waypoint that I realized I had been fighting in the Tower courtyard this whole time. The action and destruction was so intense that I wasn’t aware that the place where I was fighting was the social space where my fellow Guardians, Xur, the Postmaster, and Xander 99-40 usually are, only now it’s been mostly reduced to rubble.

However, there was no time to pause and reflect on what had been lost, humanity still needed saving! As I ran into the North Tower, I went past the Sweeper Bot, still sweeping away with his broom amidst the rubble and destruction. This little bot has become a huge fan-favorite and he got a massive cheer from the crowd during the keynote. Hopefully that’s not the last we’ll see of him.


Next, we came across Ikora doing badass Warlock things as she obliterates a group of Cabal with a Nova Bomb. I’m looking forward to the full campaign and getting to seeing more of Ikora when we visit her on Io, one of the new worlds in Destiny 2.

After Ikora departed, the large doors where Xur used to hang out were blown open and we entered a section of the Tower that we never got to see in the original game. It also began to rain, and I want to point out that the atmospheric effects throughout the mission are really incredible, there’s smoke, fire, rain and more, and those changes really make this feel like a living, breathing world.

After battling through a marketplace, Amanda Holliday showed up and we were treated to another awesome cinematic. Once again, it’s a reminder that the NPCs are fully integrated into the story. It really makes the world feel bigger and more unified. As we flew upwards to the Cabal command ship, the score swells and I was reminded of how great the music in Destiny was. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I bought the soundtrack. A score plays such an important part in creating epic moments, and it was great to experience even just a small part of it here.

Anyhow, Amanda dropped us off on the Cabal ship, which has a similar design to that one that was crashed into the Dreadnaught. As I fought my way through, I noticed there is a new Cabal enemy with a gas tank on their back — hit that and you’ll get a nice secondary explosion that can damage nearby enemies. Later in the mission there are some new sword-wielding Cabal as well. These guys will lunge and swipe at you, and they are fast and do some serious damage. So watch out.


Following the waypoints led us to the shield generator, and it’s there that we met Ghaul, the big bad leader of the Red Legion. He told us that our journey ended there, which was true for the moment as that is where the Homecoming mission came to a conclusion. Despite the fact that things look dire, I’m sure we must get out of the situation somehow, but who knows if it will be unscathed.

I’m really looking forward to cracking into the full game in September, and hopefully getting to send the Red Legion back home... preferably in tiny pieces. Sometime this summer the Beta will drop and we’ll get to play even more of the game alongside each other. Until then I’m going to keep working on my Age of Triumph Record Book. Happy shooting, Guardians!

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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Level 2

I can't wait to play Destiny 2. I am a year one Destiny player and have unlocked most of the secrets of the first Destiny. But now it is time for a new adventure. New legend's will rise. 

#Activision Ambassador 


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