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Diary of a Guardian: The Glacial Drift Of Mars

Enjoy the beauty of the Martian icecap, but be on your toes because the beautiful surroundings can quickly turn very deadly.

By Dennis Scimeca on May 30, 2018
Level 7

Sometimes a Guardian wants to take a break from all the shooting and looting and saving humanity and all that to just appreciate how awesome it is to live in a world full of wonder.


Guardians fight the Traveler’s enemies across many different planets and moons that were colonized by humanity during the Golden Age. When a new front opens up, such as the fight against the Cabal and the Hive on Mars in defense of the Warmind Rasputin, a Guardian is treated to fresh views and vistas that can take your breath away. Sometimes you just need to take a moment to drink it all in.

Chunks of ice give way to the red sands of Mars and the Braytech Futurescape. Warsats burn as they fall from orbit, streaking across the sky. Mindlab: Rasputin looms in the distance. The moon of Phobos hangs over the railways that feed into the Braytech Futurescape, while clouds of vapor from the melting ice creep down onto the Martian plain.

This peaceful view of the railways right outside the Braytech Futurescape make the place look deserted, but don’t be fooled. Take a few steps into this landscape of train cars and Martian rock and you’ll find the soldiers of the Red Legion and the monsters of the Frozen Hive waiting for you.

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