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Diary of a Guardian: An Evening At BrayTech Futurescape

Look out for the monstrous Frozen Hive and soldiers of the Red Legion during your self-guided tour.

By Dennis Scimeca on June 20, 2018
Level 7

What could make a history lesson more exciting than carving through hordes of disgusting creatures from the Darkness and beating back the scavenging soldiers of the army that came closer than anyone to destroying the Last City and killing the Traveler?


The Glacial Drift is nice for a visit, but it’s not the main attraction waiting for you on Mars. The heat of a fusillade of Warsats burning through the sky above the red planet has melted away enough of the polar icecap to reveal the laboratory where Rasputin, last of the powerful Warminds and now humanity’s self-appointed protector, was created.

Before one can visit the giant dodecahedron that houses Rasputin, they first have to walk through the BrayTech Futurescape. Think of the Futurescape as a kind of amusement park for the technologically-inclined, built around the network of laboratories within which the famous Bray family invented the finest technologies developed by humanity during its Golden Age.

In the past, visitors to the Futurescape could enjoy a self-guided tour of the facility by accessing terminals placed at important locations and listening to audio recordings. Present-day Guardians may enjoy the same tour, however, you may first want to clear out all the Frozen Hive tearing across the Futurescape. It may seem like a never-ending battle against the Psions, Legionnaires, and Centurions of the Red Legion. But, hey, who said archeology was supposed to be easy?

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