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Diary of a Guardian: A Visit to Mercury’s Gorgeous Past

One of the most beautiful gifts granted to humanity by the Traveler, destroyed by the malevolence of the Vex

By Dennis Scimeca on August 1, 2018
Level 7

If you’re willing to fight through an infinite army of deadly simulations created by the evil Vex, you might lay eyes on one of the most gorgeous planets terraformed by the Traveler.


The Infinite Forest, a massive Vex machine on Mercury used to simulate realities, can open virtual doors to the past. Mercury in the present day is a blasted, dusty landscape of Vex sculptures and machines. Once upon a time, however, the Traveler had turned Mercury into a planet of orange plains, trees festooned with beautiful, purple leaves, and rivers of bright, blue water.

Even if it’s only a simulation, a visit to Mercury’s past is something you’ll never forget. If only the Vex hadn’t destroyed the place.

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