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Destiny's Latest Update Brings Cryptarch Improvements and More

Bungie introduces tweaks to engram rewards and more.

By Scott Lowe on October 1, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Based upon feedback from the community, Bungie announced last week that it would be introducing a patch to Destiny that would ensure that players are appropriately rewarded for their service fighting the Darkness across Earth, Mars, Venus and beyond. Today, as promised, the update arrived across all platforms and with it a host of notable tweaks and enhancements. Chief among the changes was the update to the Cryptarch vendor, who is now guaranteed to award players with gear proportionate to the class of engram they're carrying. In other words, if you picked up a Legendary purple engram during a Strike, you're guaranteed to receive a piece of Legendary gear or greater.


The same rules will be applied to blue engrams for Rare items, which also now have an increased likelihood of gaining Legendary loot. What's more, Bungie has also made Rare and Legendary engrams more common when completing the Vanguard: Tiger Strike playlist and Weekly and Daily Heroic missions. But these are just a few of the changes in the 1.0.2 Destiny patch, to see the complete list of updates, check out


1 Comment

Awesome, I might finally get some legendary gear (that's for my class).

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