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Destiny's Iron Banner Returns Tuesday, November 18

Put the true might of your Guardian to the test.

By Scott Lowe on November 17, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

As promised, the Iron Banner is returning to Destiny this week with a variety of changes to make the experience more challenging and rewarding. Starting Tuesday, November 18, players will once again will come to blows with the full might of their Guardian’s unique weapons and armor. This time around, however, the distinction between player levels and the power of their gear will be even greater.

Bungie is giving additional weight to a Guardian’s total Attack and Defense, making players within three levels competitive with each other and engagements outside of that range increasingly demanding. But even in loss, players will find reward thanks to the Iron Banner’s new reputation tokens. Now, whenever players experience a loss, they’ll be issued a token, which can be redeemed for reputation points after a subsequent win. Up to five tokens can be carried at any time, making it quite lucrative to stay in the fight even in face of certain defeat.


Players that triumph will also find new and expanded rewards for their efforts, including new weapons and gear that will bring your Guardians even closer to level 30. What’s more, weapons can now be reforged, allowing players to reset a weapon’s progression and try new perks.

But there’s plenty more to dig into, to see the complete list of changes and improvements coming to the new Iron Banner experience, check out


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