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Destiny inspires latest single from Bassjackers

Dutch DJs Bassjackers, release new single ‘Destiny’ and a gameplay infused music video

By Billy Shibley on September 19, 2016 Social & Digital Marketing Manager, Destiny



Coinciding with the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Dutch DJ duo Bassjackers, will release a new single “Destiny”, which has been inspired by their experiences playing the game.

Bassjackers are the hitmakers behind electro-house dancefloor-fillers such as ‘Fireflies' (featuring Luciana), ‘What we Live For' (with Afrojack), and ‘Memories' (with KSHMR).  Outside of the recording studio, producer Ralph van Hilst has racked up considerable hours in Destiny: boasting a level 40 Hunter and level 40 Warlock. Speaking about the influences on the new song, he explains:

“I got into Destiny when it launched in 2014. Bungie has combined this really incredible and intense action with a hopeful and mysterious setting, which I really dig. I play it a lot in my downtime from the studio. I was working on some new material, all my time spent in Destiny must have had an effect. I thought the concept of Destiny would make a great hook for a track so I started playing around with some ideas.”

The result is an explosive, high-octane, reggae-infused dance track that blends intense floor-filling moments with laid back verses and vocals from singer Matt B. When it came round to planning how to release the track, Bassjackers wanted to pay homage to the gameplay inspiration. Van Hilst explains:

“We’ve been really lucky to meet the team from Bungie a couple of times at E3, gamescom and we got to visit the studio while we were on tour in the US. Once we’d finished the track, we played it for the guys at the studio and talked to them about our idea to include some elements from the game in the video. They loved the concept, so we worked on this epic treatment which overlays some pretty cool references to Destiny on top of our live footage.”




DJ Marlon Flohr has been playing the track ahead of its official release at gigs this summer.  “Our fans seem to really get into the track during our shows. It has this great dance vibe that blows the roof off once it hits the chorus. We’re super excited to see how our fans react to the video once they see what we’ve done with it.”


For more information on Bassjackers and the single, visit:

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