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Destiny Update Introduces Weekly Heroic Strike Matchmaking, Improved Progression Tracking

Available now for all supported platforms.

By Scott Lowe on February 25, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

If you plan on firing up Destiny today, you’ll find a new update making its way to your console of choice. Among the improvements and features introduced by Bungie in today’s update are the shiny new Reputation Panel, matchmaking for the Weekly Heroic Strike, enhancements to weapon balance, and a fix that ensures all of your precious heavy ammo is preserved no matter where your adventures take you and what befalls your Guardian.

First up, the Reputation Panel gives players the ability to check their current standings with each of Destiny’s factions anytime, anywhere from right within the inventory menu. It’s now easier than ever to maximize your time and work toward the next rank and rewards for your faction of choice.

Update 1.1.1 also adds matchmaking for the Weekly Heroic Strike, making it simpler to brave the battles within and reap the rewards regardless of whether you’ve got a Fireteam’s worth of friends online and available. Matchmaking has been applied to all difficulty levels, so be brave and take on new challenges knowing you’ve got Guardians watching your back.

The Destiny arsenal is also getting some fine-tuning to improve the variety and effectiveness of various weapon classes. Check out an exhaustive rundown of the changes over at Lastly, the update will fix an issue where heavy ammunition is sometimes lost in certain circumstances, such as when your character dies, returns to orbit, or encounters a cut scene.

The update is available now across all platforms, for a full list of changes, check out For all the latest, follow Destiny on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the team at Bungie.


1 Comment
Level 1

Dear Activision,

Can you please hire a lead designer for Destiny that has a clear vision for the game? After the 1.1.1 update it seems like no one at Bungie can agree on basic weapon stats, or how the game should work, or even what the story is about. Or is the problem, if the game contains more then a few guns and ring wolds every one gets confused at Bungie?

For a game that's sold millions of copies, they sure don't want to add any content. At least with COD by now there would be a couple of map packs, zombies etc..I'm starting to think maybe Destiny's problem is they don't know what to add since  the original inception of the game was undermined from the get go.

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