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Destiny: The Taken King Sets New Record for Day-One Downloads on PS4

More people played Destiny on The Taken King launch day than at the original Destiny debut

By Scott Lowe on September 17, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Earlier this week, Destiny: The Taken King made its worldwide debut and early impressions from critics and fans have been incredible. In just its first day of availability, Destiny: The Taken King broke the record for the most downloaded day-one game in PlayStation history and surpassed the original launch day stats for Destiny last year, in both total players and peak online concurrency.

What’s more, in celebration of launch, more than one million videos were created in 48 hours using the Legend of You, which lets players create a personalized video that recaps their journey thus far in Destiny.  We and the team at Bungie have also already begun to see Destiny players sharing their epic moments from The Taken King in the forums, and over social media—but this is just the beginning. Tomorrow, September 18, players will have a chance to experience King’s Fall, the all-new six-player Raid launching in Destiny: The Taken King.

If you’re new to Destiny, there’s no better time to jump in. Digital and physical Destiny: The Taken King Legendary and Collector’s Editions include the entire saga to-date, including Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion II: House of Wolves, and the Taken King. What’s more, every edition of Destiny: The Taken King comes with one character boost, known as a Spark of Light, which lets you immediately advance one character to level 25—the minimum level required to play The Taken King. You can also get up to speed on all things Destiny: The Taken King by checking out our comprehensive launch guide, which outlines all of the new features in the game and in Destiny year two.

For all the latest on Destiny: The Taken King, be sure to follow @Activision, @DestinyTheGame, and the developers @Bungie on Twitter.


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