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Destiny: The Taken King — Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about the new story, new subclasses, and more.

By Scott Lowe on June 16, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

When Destiny launched last year, players embarked on a journey through a universe that was designed to grow and evolve, beginning with the release of Expansion I: The Dark Below last December and in May, Expansion II: House of Wolves. Now, the next great adventure from the team at Bungie is set to begin with Destiny: The Taken King—the first major evolution of the Destiny experience. Revealed this week at E3 and launching September 15, Destiny: The Taken King introduces a brand-new story campaign told through missions, quests, and Strikes, new deadly enemies, a new Raid, a new destination to explore, new abilities to wield, and a massive arsenal of weapons, armor, and gear.

There’s so much to unpack, but here’s a quick overview of what’s in store for Destiny: The Taken King.


Face Oryx’s Retribution

In Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below, you triumphed over the ancient Hive god, Crota, but in the Destiny: Taken King, they’ll face the wrath of his father: Oryx. Seeking vengeance, Oryx—The Taken King—has arrived in our solar system in an impenetrable Hive Dreadnaught and is raising an army of enemies corrupted by the Darkness. The story will span new story missions, quests, and new Strikes.


Battle the Taken

As members of existing alien races overwhelmed and twisted by the Darkness, the Taken are violent and unpredictable. They appear shrouded in black smoke and capable of new volatile attacks and abilities. From Taken Psions that split in two and multiply rapidly to Taken Phalanxes that carry shields that blast powerful pulses of energy, the Taken present new tactical challenges and combat scenarios.

New Subclasses, Abilities, and Supers

In the fight against Oryx and The Taken, you will have new subclasses, abilities, and supers at your disposal. Each class of Guardian will gain a new subclass based on a power type that they’ve previously lacked—Hunters will now have Void powers, Titans will have Solar powers, and Warlocks will have Arc powers.

The new void subclass for Hunters will introduce the Shadowshot super, a bow constructed that binds targets to the ground, draining them of energy. There’s also the Slash Grenade, which explodes into a wall of void flames.

Titans on the other hand receive the new Sunbreaker subclass, which includes the Hammer of Sol super. Triggering Hammer of Sol engulfs your Titan in Solar energy and gives you a flaming hammer to deal devastating blows to your enemies. The new Sunbreaker subclass grenade is the Match grenade, which deploys and delivers focused blasts of solar energy in a given direction.

Last, but certainly not least, Warlocks will now have the Stormcaller subclass to master, including the Stormtrance super. Stromtrance lets you unleash powerful blasts of lightning, which forms a chain between multiple enemies.

Explore a New Destination

In Destiny: The Taken King, you’ll venture an all-new destination—Oryx’s flagship, the Dreadnaught. Stationed within the rings of Saturn, the Dreadnaught is a massive Hive ship that you and other Guardians will be able to explore. Destiny: The Taken King will also expand upon existing locations, such as a new story mission that takes place on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons.


All-New Crucible Modes

This week at E3, Bungie and Activision are giving attendees a taste of what’s to come for competitive multiplayer in Destiny: The Taken King, including two new modes: Rift and Mayhem. Rift is an objective-based mode where two teams of six face off for control of the Spark at the center of a map, carry it to their rival’s base, and score to detonate the enemy Rift. Mayhem, on the other hand, gives teams significantly faster recharge rates for abilities, greater availability of special and heavy ammo, and faster respawns.


A Massive New Arsenal

Of course, no Destiny expansion would be complete without a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear to earn and discover, including new Legendary, Exotic, Faction, and Taken-themed items, as well as armor shaders and ships. What’s more, Destiny: The Taken King expands upon weapon foundries, like Suros, Omolon, and Hakke. Each foundry will have its own collection of weapons, unified by a distinctive visual style and common attributes.

For more on Destiny: The Taken King, check out the reveal trailer and overview video released today. Be sure to also check out our ongoing coverage of Activision at E3, including all the latest on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Skylanders SuperChargers, Guitar Hero Live, and more.


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Do you need to down load The Dark Below to play House of Wolves? I have House of Wolves but it won't let me start the story missions.

Level 1

Collectors edition sold out? theres any chance another batch is coming ? i couldnt pre order 

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