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Destiny Sparrows in Real Life?

Nitro Circus stars put Destiny’s Sparrows to the test as they attempt to recreate tricks from the game in real life.

By Tom Neal on October 10, 2017 PR Manager, APAC
Level 1

What happens when you take one of the world’s most beloved in-game vehicles and create it in real life?


A Sparrow is a Guardian’s ultimate ride, built for speed and agility it offers the best way to travel across the vast scenic areas within Destiny. What’s more, you can customize its appearance to travel in style, whether it’s hot pink or purple with flames, there’s a Sparrow for everyone.

But it takes a special Guardian to be able to take their in-game skills into the real world.

With the European Dead Zone (California’s Shasta Lake) as their playground, Nitro Circus stars Ryan Williams and Blake "Bilko" Williams went head-to-head with the world’s number one hydro flight athlete, Joey Natale and the Hydro Circus stunt team as they took some real, custom-made Sparrows to their limits.

Supermans, No Handers and Barrel Rolls were just some of the tricks that the riders were able to land with a few bonus wipe-outs along the way!

These Sparrows were built from converted Jetovator technology and it took two months of research and development, building and testing to refine the vehicles in order for them to fly and to be able to pull off these insane tricks. With a speed of up to 25mph on water and the ability to soar up to 20 feet in the air, these Sparrows really can fly!


But while these guys are professionals, you can pull off your own stunting in-game. With Destiny 2 now available on console and coming to PC later this month, it’s time to perfect some Sparrow tricks of your own. Send it!

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