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Destiny: Rise of Iron Review Roundup

It's been two weeks since Rise of Iron launched onto consoles around the world. Check out what people are saying about Destiny’s latest adventure.

By Kevin Kelly on October 3, 2016 Editorial Manager
Level 28

It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly two weeks since Destiny: Rise of Iron finally made landfall and what a ten days it has been, with the “Wrath of the Machine” raid opening up, and players scouring the expansion in search of exotic equipment.

However, the fact that I still haven’t been able to mount that raid successfully makes it feel like much longer than ten days. I need to get that Light level up a bit more and it’ll happen. I swear. Just not nearly as quickly as Clan Redeem did it.

Gamers, critics and even retail outlets around the world have been busy tackling the latest expansion and raid. Just check out what GameStop had to say when the game launched:

“Our customers have spoken, Activision’s Destiny Rise of Iron’s DLC expansion pack is a hit. To date, it is not only the largest pre-ordered digital add-on for a major title launch we’ve seen, but it is quickly setting new day-one volume records across our GameStop video game stores.” – Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop

And the reviews have been coming in hot as well!

“Rise of Iron is something special. It’s a map for the future of Destiny, but it’s also a wink and a nod at its past” – The Verge

“This adventure through forgotten legends stands strong on its own, and continues an unbroken string of content drops that have each made Destiny a richer universe” – Game Informer

“…campaign delivers some of the best-crafted, story-driven action Bungie has made…” – GamesRadar+

Rise of Iron’s Last Story Mission Is One Of Destiny’s Best” – Kotaku

“For a $30 price tag, Rise of Iron represents a tremendous value for players who may have already invested hundreds of hours in Destiny, and could lose themselves for hundreds more with Rise of Iron.” – Gaming Trend

“Destiny: Rise of Iron is a solid expansion that gives you new story, while keeping the game you know and love intact– Windows Central

“Destiny: Rise of Iron looks and plays beautifully, alongside a ton of great new content, adding a high degree of replayability to the overall game– Bio Gamer Girl

With Trials of Osiris now back in the mix and Iron Banner returning tomorrow, things are just getting started! Festival of the Lost is on the horizon, as well as a Winter event which will bring back Sparrow Racing, so it’s time to bust a super and keep heading towards the Light.

Destiny: Rise of Iron and Destiny – The Collection both launched on September 20 for current gen game consoles. For more information about Destiny, check out and follow @DestinyTheGame, @Bungie and @Activision on Twitter.


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