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Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves — Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about the new activities, weapons and gear, and more launching on May 19.

By Scott Lowe on May 18, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves is here and with it, new cooperative and competitive activities, a new social space to explore, new story missions and quests, and so much more. There’s a lot to explore and discover, and to help you on your journey, we’ve rounded up all of the new content—here’s everything you need to know about House of Wolves:

A New Enemy Has Emerged

In House of Wolves, you and your Guardian will be tasked with hunting down a rogue Fallen faction, led by a powerful Kell—Skolas. Once loyal to the Queen of the Awoken, Skolas and the House of Wolves have staged an uprising and fled The Reef with plans to unify the Fallen for unknown gain. As you continue your journey in House of Wolves, you’ll hunt down Skolas and his allies across story missions, quests, and a brand-new cooperative strike—The Shadow Thief.

Return to The Reef

House of Wolves introduces a brand new social space in The Reef, which features new vendors with exclusive bounties, weapons, and gear. Here, you’ll find the Queen’s Emissary, Petra Venj, who will offer rewards for hunting down high-value Fallen targets across the universe. You’ll also meet Brother Vance and Variks, your guides to House of Wolves’ new competitive multiplayer event, Trials of Osiris, and PVE activity, Prison of Elders, respectively.

Triumph in the Trials of Osiris

Alongside the new story content, House of Wolves will herald the arrival of Trials of Osiris—a new weekly competitive multiplayer event with the potential for high-level rewards. Trials of Osiris is based on a new gametype, Elimination, where two teams of three Guardians face off with a single goal: wipe out the other team. However, downed comrades can be revived, making teamwork and communication vital to victory. As you tally up wins, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive weapons and gear for purchase. Check out our hands-on impressions from earlier this month to learn more about Trials of Osiris and its rewards.

Survive the Prison of Elders

For those looking for a new cooperative challenge, there’s Prison of Elders. A round-based arena mode, Prison of Elders pits you and your Fireteam against the Destiny universe’s most lethal enemies. You’ll need to work together as you battle powerful bosses, complete timed objectives, adapt to new randomized modifiers, and survive the onslaught of enemies. With both matchmade versions and high-difficulty modes, Prison of Elders offers something for players of a variety of skill levels. Best of all, regardless of difficulty level, you have the potential to earn high-level weapons and gear. Go deeper into the Prison of Elders by reading our detailed preview.

Fight Across New Crucible Battlegrounds

House of Wolves adds three new competitive multiplayer maps—Thieves’ Den, Widow’s Court, and Black Shield. Thieves’ Den is a large symmetrical map that takes place in an active volcano on Venus, while Black Shield is more of a medium-sized symmetrical arena with tight corridors and a variety of pathways. Widow’s Court takes Guardians to a new location on Earth—the European Dead Zone—and features long exterior sightlines and cramped interiors. For PlayStation owners, there’s an additional exclusive map—Timekeeper*—set on Mars and featuring a spiral layout.

*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2015

An Expanded Arsenal for a New Max Level

House of Wolves adds a wealth of new weapons, armor, and other gear for you to earn throughout your adventures. Vendors and random loot drops will offer powerful new armaments and Exotics. There’s also new themed gear available exclusively through Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders. What’s more, the new weapons and gear in House of Wolves raise the max light level to 34, making your Guardian more powerful than ever.

Upgrade All Weapons and Gear

While there’s plenty of new goodies to earn and use, you won’t have to ditch your existing loadout to reach level 34—House of Wolves will allow you to upgrade any Legendary or Exotic item to the new max power level. Acquire a new material, Etheric Light, by completing activities to upgrade any item, whether it is from the base game or the previous expansion, The Dark Below.

Reforge Legendary Weapons

As you earn experience in Destiny, you can unlock perks and upgrades for your weapons that improve accuracy and unique attributes, like explosive rounds or increased reload speed. Outside of weapons acquired through the Iron Banner, these perks have been predefined and permanent, but now, most new Legendary weapons introduced with House of Wolves can be reforged with new attributes. Just visit the Gunsmith and use upgrade materials to receive a fresh batch of randomized perks for your favorite weapon.

Exchange Materials

Do you have Ascendant Energy for days, but find yourself in short supply of the Ascendant Shards necessary to upgrade your Legendary gear? Well, with the arrival of House of Wolves, you’ll now be able to exchange your accumulated stockpiles for other materials. Swap Motes of Light for Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Shards for Glimmer, and so on for streamlined upgrades.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves is available on May 19. Looking for more intel? Check out the official website for more details and follow @DestinyTheGame, @Activision, and the developers @Bungie on Twitter.


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