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Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Community Impressions

See what players at PlayStation Experience had to say about the new expansion.

By Scott Lowe on December 23, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Earlier this month, Sony held the first-ever PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas — a two-day fan celebration with exclusive panels and game demos, including the hands-on debut of Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below ahead of its release. Among those in attendance were some of the most prominent members of the Destiny community, who had a chance to battle on the expansion’s three new Crucible maps and fight their way through the PlayStation-exclusive Strike, The Undying Mind.

I had a chance to catch up with Greenskull, MoreConsole, Datto, Byf, and HikeTheGamer to hear their thoughts on the new content in Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below. See what they had to say in the video and comments below.

The New Arsenal

As part of the demo, attendees were able to check out some of the new weapons available in The Dark Below, but it was the new Dragon's Breath rocket launcher and new bolt-action sniper rifle, No Land Beyond, that stole the show.

“Dragon’s Breath is probably my favorite new rocket launcher, it’s an exotic rocket launcher, that looks really cool — it looks kind of old fashioned — and it does a heck of a lot of damage” — Greenskull

“Not only does it look cool with a dragon’s face painted on the side of it, but its also got a special perk is that when you blast this thing on the floor, it leaves a solar flare, so it incinerates all of the Hive and stuff around the solar flare” — MoreConsole

"The new Vanguard scout rifle is an absolute beast, the fusion rifle hits like a truck" — Datto

"The new weapons are extremely fun, the new sniper rifle — you can pretty much just pick enemies off in PvE from miles away" — HikeTheGamer

"Getting a sniper rifle in your primary weapons slot with bolt action and just an iron sight is something Destiny's not done before" — Byf


The New Crucible Maps

The Dark Below introduces three new Crucible maps — Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron — which feature new close-quarters, mid-size, and open field combat spanning a variety of modes.

“[Pantheon] is awesome because you have these three tiers — these three lanes — where there’s constant competition between different players. There are some epic, hectic battles especially when people were running together trying to get the heavy ammo at the bottom.” — Greenskull

“There’s a lot of places to hide with your team around corners and if you grenade just right you can get their shield down before you kill them with your shotgun or assault rifle — there’s a lot of corners and a couple of different levels so you can get a high ground on people" — HikeTheGamer

"My new favorite map is definitely The Cauldron — all of those different corridors and callouts are really simple to make. But I really like the aesthetics of it. I really like how you're really getting into the den of the Hive" — Datto


The Undying Mind Strike

Those on PlayStation platforms have an opportunity to take part in an exclusive cooperative Strike, The Undying Mind, wherein they'll band together to fight an ancient Vex machine.

"There's really intense Vex action — there are ton of Vex that spawn around you, which is great for getting your supers up and nova bombing fools out of existence and it culminates in a big Vex beast with a shield around it and you've got to find its weak spot" — MoreConsole

"All of these waves of enemies are coming at you, over and over, and everyone's working together, constantly reviving each other. And they don't stop because they're the Vex, they just kind of appear everywhere. Unexpectedly behind you, to the sides of you, it's awesome" Greenskull

"It just puts you right into the fray and I really enjoy that" — Datto

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