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Destiny 2’s Season 3 Quality of Life Updates Make Life Better For All Guardians

Read all about the updates that make your loot management much simpler in Destiny 2!

By Dennis Scimeca on June 1, 2018
Level 7

Bungie has delivered excellent changes for Season 3 in Destiny 2 that make the game experience smoother than ever.

Season 3 adds one hundred additional spaces to every Guardian’s Vault. For dedicated collectors in Destiny 2 this greatly-expanded Vault space is particularly fantastic: it’s easier to store full sets of Faction Rally or Iron Banner armor, Sparrows, ships, Ghost shells, or whatever else you want to keep for the long-term future.

Season 3 also brings two very helpful changes to how players use Emotes in Destiny 2. Players can now assign up to four emotes to their characters, which makes freedom of expression that much easier. Players also no longer need to withdraw Emotes from their Vault collections in order to equip them, they now effectively carry with them at all times every Emote they’ve ever unlocked.


Destiny 2’s Exotic emotes with their colorful, holographic elements are a ton of fun. There’s nothing like dropping the mic after killing an opponent in the Crucible, sweeping up the remains of a defeated Strike boss, or eating a quick bowl of spicy ramen in the Tower before returning to orbit. Why limit yourself to equipping just one Exotic emote at a time if you can have four?


Items left behind during your adventures in Destiny 2 can be waiting for you at the Postmaster when you return to the Tower. Previously if you wanted to dismantle those items, you may have had to drop some things off at the Vault in order to make inventory space for the items you had waiting for you at the Postmaster.

Not so in Season 3. Now you can dismantle items right from the Postmaster menu, and we’re sure Kadi 55-30 appreciates the help keeping the mail room clean. You can also dismantle items in your Vault without having to withdraw them first, and Mods and Shaders can be dismantled from the Item Details screen.


In the past, quest items sometimes took up inventory space. A quest item that could unlock into a new power weapon, for example, would have to be stored within a power weapon slot in your inventory. In Season 3, these “Pursuit tracking items” are stored in their own, dedicated space in your Inventory screen. Not only does this free up room in a Guardian’s inventory, it also makes tracking Pursuits much easier.

Taken together, these four updates markedly change how quickly and easily Destiny 2 players can manage their inventories. This makes it easier for Guardians to tend to their housekeeping before heading back into the field. And who wouldn’t like getting into another Strike or Crucible match with that extra time?


Finally, prior to Season 3 if you were running Patrols on one of Destiny 2’s large open-world maps and a friend joined your Fireteam, you wouldn’t be able to see precisely where they were on the map. Now, thanks to the Season 3 updates, you can see your Fireteam members represented as green dots on the map.

No more excuses for anyone who shows up late for a Public Event. Your Fireteam could see precisely where you were goofing off!

These changes are available to all Guardians, so if you’ve been looking to roll your sleeves up delve through your inventory while jumping into some adventures with your Fireteam, now is the perfect time.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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