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Competitive, Cooperative Hybrid Activity – Check out the Trailer for Gambit in Destiny 2: Forsaken!

You thought trying to beat Guardians in the Crucible was difficult? Try fighting off a Guardian and powerful enemies at the same time!

By Dennis Scimeca on June 12, 2018
Level 7

Team up with your fellow Guardians in Gambit: the exciting new hybrid cooperative/competitive gameplay mode in Destiny 2: Forsaken!

Gambit is a combination of cooperative and competitive gameplay. On the cooperative side, your four-Guardian Fireteam has to take down waves of enemies that grow progressively stronger over time. Dead enemies drop Motes you can pick up and deposit into a central structure in the Gambit arena called the bank.

You can spend the Motes to summon powerful enemies that will attack the other team, who is trying to do the same thing to you. The race to get the most Motes the fastest is just part of the fun, because if they’d rather not depend on computer-controlled enemies to do the job, either team can send over a buffed Guardian to get in their opponents’ way.

Sending over a Guardian to attack your enemies means one less person on your team collecting Motes, however. So do you remain with your team and take down the increasingly difficult bosses? Or do you jump through the portal and try to delay the other team? Decisions, decisions. You’ll have to start making them when Gambit arrives with Destiny 2: Forsaken on September 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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