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Commemorate the Dead during the Festival of the Lost!

Monsters lurk in the shadows, costumes are visible throughout the Tower, and killers are being pursued.

By Dennis Scimeca on 18. Oktober 2018
Level 7

On Tuesday, October 16, the Festival of the Lost celebration arrived in Destiny 2 as the Tower commemorates the Guardians who have died in defense of the Last City. Destiny 2 players are once again celebrating with costumes and special loot, and this year, they will also be chasing actual monsters.


While the Tower is festooned with the eerie lights of the Festival, Guardians will be able to pursue special holiday bounties and earn Fragmented Souls that can be used to purchase fun, holiday masks, as well as a Legendary Auto Rifle called Horror Story.

Festival of the Lost-themed Ghost Shells and Jumpships will also be available to mark the celebration as potential rewards for Ephemeral Engrams which are awarded every time a player levels up past level 50 during the Festival. You’ll also continue to earn Steadfast Engrams every time you level up past the cap. Don’t sit on those Fireteam Medallions and XP-boosting Ghost Shells during the Festival of the Lost, and grab the special Ephemeral Engram rewards while you can!


This holiday isn’t all fun and games. A brand-new activity, the Haunted Forest, premieres with this year’s Festival. Guardians will have fifteen minutes to step into this new cooperative experience and kill as many enemies, called Nightmares, as possible. The difficulty of the Haunted Forest increases the further you go, so ring your A-game.


Another brand-new piece of content arriving toward the end of the Festival is a special treat for all you Guardians with a penchant for solving crimes. Master Ives, a respected denizen of the Reef where your adventure in Forsaken begins, has been murdered. This whodunit mystery begins on October 30 and kicks off a new quest that will reward players with one powerful engram for each week that the mystery runs.


Make sure to take some time to explore the Tower’s lovely and eerie Festival of the Lost decorations before you set off to slay scary monsters and earn holiday loot!

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