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Combat in Destiny 2: Year Two Will Be Faster and Deadlier

Sharpshooters will be more lethal, grenades will be scarier, and weapons will be even more finely-tuned tools of destruction with the changes coming to combat in Destiny 2, Year Two.

By Dennis Scimeca on August 14, 2018
Level 7

On Tuesday, August 7, Bungie hosted a Combat Reveal Stream to discuss all the ways that combat will be changing as Destiny 2 kicks off its second year. Some of these changes will go live on August 28, before the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, and some will arrive after the release of Forsaken. All of these changes will be available for players of Destiny 2, regardless of whether or not they own Forsaken or not. Destiny 2 is a game that is constantly evolving, and that goes for the way Guardians fight as well.


Nine new Super abilities will arrive with the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken. That also means the arrival of new, associated perks. Melee attacks and grenade characteristics are also evolving. Guardians will have more options to customize their characters than ever before, and they can utilize that tactical flexibility to adjust to the changes coming to weapons in Year Two.

Guardians currently have three weapon slots, Kinetic, Energy, and Power, and whether or not a weapon can be equipped in a slot is determined by whether a weapon is a Kinetic, Energy, or Power type. In Destiny 2, Year Two, all weapons will also have associated ammunition types, Primary, Secondary, and Heavy, and ammunition types will also decide into which slot a weapon can be equipped.

When the new combat update goes live, all weapons with Primary or Secondary ammunition types can be equipped in either Kinetic or Energy weapon slots. A shotgun, which is classified as a Power weapon in Year One and can therefore only be equipped in the Power weapon slot, that uses Primary or Secondary ammunition could also be equipped in the Kinetic or Energy weapon slots. Using three shotguns will be a viable option in Destiny 2: Year Two!


Currently, all weapons of the same name have the same weapon perks or characteristics. In Year Two, weapons will feature random perk rolls. When a Destiny 2 player earns a new weapon in Year Two there will be an additional moment of excitement when the player discovers the available perks on that weapon. Exotic weapons, however, as some of the powerful weapons in Destiny 2, will continue to have static perk sets.

Players may want to keep multiple versions of the same weapon, if there are multiple perk sets players like for that weapon. Vault space is being increased to 500 slots, which will help players build robust collections of weapons that are right for them in any situation!

Masterwork weapons in Year Two will no longer have a set, defined bonus to whichever characteristic is being boosted by a Masterwork perk. Players will be able to spend Legendary Shards and Masterwork Cores to level their Masterwork perks from Level 1 to Level 10, to get a potentially-higher Masterwork bonus than is currently-possible in Year One.

The weapon mod system is also changing, to allow for greater customization and personalization of weapons. Currently, weapons have a single mod slot dedicated to weapon damage type that also increases the Power rating of the weapon. In Year Two, weapon mods will no longer increase Power rating and there will be a wide variety of mods that affect different aspects of the weapon.


All the upcoming changes to weapons and abilities will apply equally to PvE and PvP. Crucible fans, however, may want to pay particular attention to some of the upcoming changes. Precision damage is being increased. The shoulder-charge attacks of Titans are becoming one-hit kills, and melee attacks are becoming two-hit kills. Sticky grenade damage is increasing. Stormtrance will become more lethal. Gunslingers will get a few extra seconds of Golden Gun to set up the perfect shot. These are just some of the changes in store for Year Two that will make Crucible play faster and deadlier.

The armor mod system is also evolving. Currently, players may only stack three Class Ability, Grenade, or Melee recharge mods. In Year Two players will be able to stack up to five mods of the same type and, again, Crucible fans take note, mods that affect Super abilities will also become available for the first time!

The sum total of these upcoming changes and evolutions to combat that will be available for all players regardless of whether or not they own Destiny 2: Forsaken will make Year Two a time for entirely new challenges, new heroic moments, and new feats of skill in the Crucible. Get ready, Guardians.

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