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Bungie’s David “DeeJ” Dague Talks Destiny 2: Forsaken!

Everyone is eager for Destiny 2: Forsaken, and as we head into the final days ahead of the launch, we caught up with DeeJ to get some inside information about the highly anticipated game.

By Kevin Kelly on August 23, 2018 Editorial Manager
Level 28

Deej.jpgAs the Communications Director at Bungie, part of David “DeeJ” Dague’s job is sharing information with the Destiny community on a daily basis. We were able to catch up with him just ahead of the launch of Forsaken in order to get some of that intel, as we are hyper-excited to jump into it. Read on for details and stay tuned throughout Gamescom for more!

Activision Games Blog: What is it like to say goodbye to Cayde-6, one of the most beloved characters in the Destiny universe?

David “DeeJ” Dague: It’s always tragic when a hero meets his end, but this put us in a place to tell a story with higher stakes. In Forsaken, the Guardians will learn what it takes to kill a Vanguard. They’ll also get to see how Cayde fights his last battle. Before experiencing the events of the game themselves, players are already eager for revenge. We fully intend to satisfy that appetite.


What should Guardians fear most about the Scorn?

The Scorn are easily one of the most aggressive enemies that our players have ever faced. They don’t hide behind cover and they definitely don’t retreat. This creates a new challenge for every Guardian. Facing a new enemy calls for mastering new skills and tactics. The Scorn has some surprises in store for you, but you have new abilities to discover and learn, so it’s even.

Where did the idea for the new Gambit multiplayer mode come from?

Gambit takes all the things that make playing Destiny fun and brings them together into a brand-new activity. You’ll be playing with other Guardians in a race to burn down your enemies, and defending against invasions from an opposing team with the same objective. It’s competitive and cooperative. In creating a new way to play, we thought it would be fun to unite the entire community with a new kind of challenge that can appeal to every type of player.


What made Bungie decide to return to the Reef?

Lawlessness. The events depicted at the beginning of The Taken King left the awoken shattered and weakened. Their story was left with many unanswered questions, and we had only seen one spaceport during our previous journey to the Reef. There is a lot more to explore in that corner of the solar system, with more stories and mysteries to enjoy.

What were the challenges of building an entire area, the Dreaming City, specifically for endgame content?

Whenever we build a new world for you to explore, we take a lot of time to apply love and attention to every corner. We want these destinations to capture your imagination and lure you in deeper. With the Dreaming City, we filled the place with mystery. Not every aspect of this new place will be apparent immediately. You’ll discover how it works the more you play and explore. It will even be different week over week following the launch of Forsaken.

How did Bungie decide to deliver so many new Supers in a single expansion?

Destiny is all about evolving your mastery of the Guardian arts. In Forsaken, we wanted to shake things up. Our hope is that every player will find a new favorite way to take down their enemies. We have a lot of new challenges for you to overcome, and every teammate in Gambit will be called upon to assume a critical role in that arena. Even if you stick your old favorite, the abundance of new super attacks will provoke you to think of new ways to counter the new abilities.


What are your three favorite, new Exotics in Forsaken?

Suros Regime, Suros Regime, and Suros Regime. When it comes to Exotic weapons, there is no wrong answer. We define ourselves by what we equip. Forsaken has a lot of great tools of the Guardian trade. I’m excited to see how the Antaeus Wards factor into Crucible fights, as Hunters start to block projectiles with a slide. The Trinity Ghoul is sure to be a favorite among the sharpshooters in our community who love the new bow archetype. And, of course, Malfeasance should appeal anyone whose weapon of choice is a hand cannon. There are a lot of new options to combine. This should shake up the way we all fight.

Will players who are brand-new to Destiny 2 be able to start with Forsaken?

If you want Forsaken to be your first adventure into the world of Destiny, we’ll have a character boost that will help you jump into the action. If you’ve been there and done all that, you could also use it to start a new character. For instance, as a devout Warlock, I’ve always looked longingly at the armor that Titans get to wear. But, yes, anyone can join the hunt on day one with all the power they need to take their first steps into the Tangled Shore.

What’s the coolest thing about the new Raid? How is it different from other Raids?

You didn’t really expect an answer to this, did you? The coolest thing about any Raid is going in blind. You’ll need five friends who are sworn to fight the triumphant finish. Your Fireteam will need to communicate. Your victory will come only from problem-solving, cunning, and fighting skills.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will launch on September 4, 2018.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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