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Bungie Announces Warmind, Expansion II for Destiny 2

The next chapter in the Destiny 2 saga will begin on May 8!

By Dennis Scimeca on April 23, 2018
Level 7

On April 12, Bungie revealed details on Warmind, the next expansion for Destiny 2, and provided more information about the Development Roadmap of future plans.

Warminds, brilliant artificial intelligences developed by humankind for their protection, are an integral part of Destiny lore. All but one of the Warminds, housed in gigantic facilities spread across humanity’s former worlds and colonies, were destroyed when the Traveler’s enemies attacked long ago.

The Warmind expansion will be released on May 8. Will Rasputin’s mysteries be revealed? Bungie will unveil the first details about Warmind in a reveal stream on April 24.


Bungie has also updated the Destiny 2 Development Roadmap, which now extends beyond May. The upcoming changes to Exotic Armor that will make Exotics even more unique compared to other gear in Destiny 2 will land this summer during Season 3, along with a new seasonal event.

The new Roadmap also reveals a brand-new set of upcoming changes coming in September when Season 4 kicks off. These new changes include Gear Collections and further evolutions of Destiny 2’s weapons systems. Destiny 2 continues to grow and evolve, Guardians!

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