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Age of Triumph: Revealed!

Updated Raids, New Gear, and a Big New Record Book, find out what’s coming in the next Destiny update.

By Luke Guidici on March 10, 2017
Level 6

Howdy Guardians!

This week Bungie unveiled the latest on the next and final live event, Age of Triumph which begins on March 28th. Led by community director David “DeeJ” Dague and featuring lead designer Ryan Paradis and raid designer Joe Blackburn, they gave us a tour of what’s in store for us, and there’s a LOT to unpack. There’s a new record book, updated raids, new gear, and the list goes on. I’m sure as I type this people are getting into deep debates about it, but let me give you my take.  

Without a doubt, the biggest announcement for me was that all the raids are being updated and they’ve “fine tuned the experiences you know and love.” Yes, that’s right, Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and King’s Fall will all have new, 390 light level versions. This is so, so very cool. Not only is each one of these raids a unique and challenging experience, but each had their own specific gear that was “left behind” when the light levels were increased. I know many people were deeply attached to this gear and have longed to play with it again. Personally, I have quite a few Year One guns in my vault that I keep for sentimental reasons. So the chance to use these again makes me super stoked.

During the stream, I believe the phrase “400 level Mythoclast confirmed” was uttered, and DeeJ said that elemental primaries are coming back. These were some of the most memorable and useful weapons during Year One. The Vision of Confluence scout rifle was one of my all time favorites, while the Fatebringer remained on my please-let-it-drop list... maybe now I can get it!


Which is a good segue to what I believe was THE quote of the stream from Ryan that the raid rewards will be “generous as heck.” One of the things that Bungie has been really great about is listening to the community, and many of the activities initially had, shall we say, less-than-ideal drop rates. Fear not guardians, the guys on the stream went out of their way to point out that not only will there be tons of new gear to earn: Sparrows, Ghosts, weapons, armor, and ornaments — but that these would be rewarded at a higher rate. Will this mean the Crux of Crota will finally drop for me upon killing Crota? One can only hope, because of a 400 level Necrochasm sounds dope “as heck.”

Not only that, but the team teased tweaked mechanics in the raids, like shorter Oracles in the Vault of Glass, a shorter section of Oracles will be most welcome, especially because the “stand on ledge and use Icebreaker” technique isn’t going to be an option. Oh, and speaking of Vault of Glass, Joe said that they "have not touched anything about the chests in Vault of Glass”. To which my response is, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!?” Of course I speak of the mythical “Sixth Chest” which apparently no one other than Luke Smith knows if it’s real or not. Does it exist? Will it be found? The mystery persists.

The revised raids, while not being “Taken-fied” or “Siva-supplanted,” will be rolled out one week at a time in the new “Weekly Featured Raid.” This is part of the new "Weekly Rituals” that we’ll learn more about in the next upcoming stream on Wednesday, March 15th. What DeeJ and company did tell us is that the weekly raids will all feature challenge modes and when it is a specific raid’s “featured week,” all challenges will be active. I’m looking forward to brand new challenges for the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. When discussing these, Joe commented that the “Atheon is the hardest challenge we’ve ever made.” *GULP*


Speaking of challenges, the other big announcement today was about the new record book for Age of Triumph. At 13 pages, this is the biggest record book yet and promises to be a celebration of everything us guardians have done to become a Legend. One of the things the guys stressed is that this is a book for every type of Destiny player. There are milestones for the raids, strikes, crucible, faction & vendor rep, Trials of Osiris, and even a whole page dedicated to collectors. If you like collecting Ghosts, Ships, Shaders, etc, there will be a special emblem you can earn. 

So no matter what type of play you prefer, there was will be activities for you to do and rewards to be earned. In fact, the book was specifically designed so that ALL REWARDS can be earned without completing every milestone. So don’t worry, you won’t have to go “flawless” in Trials of Osiris or do all the raid challenge modes — you’ll just need to finish roughly three-quarters of the book to reach Rank 7. By finishing the book you’ll have the chance to buy a special Age of Triumph shirt from Bungie, customized with your very own gamer tag. I can’t wait to earn mine and let people know that Yetiesque has become Legend!

Make sure to tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel on Wednesday, March 15th to learn more about the Age of Triumph!

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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