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‘Tis the Season for Maps, Modes, and More!

Six maps and more are headed to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered starting today

By Kevin Kelly on December 13, 2016 Editorial Manager
Level 28

We’ve got incoming! Starting today, six new maps, two gameplay modes and more are coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, along with a slay-load of new goodies. It’s all part of ‘Tis the Season, so check out what’s new with the game and hunker down for the holidays!

The six remaining original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare maps are now available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, bringing the total to 16 multiplayer maps. Not only that, but Gun Game and Hardpoint are also being added to the playlists, giving players even more action this holiday. Joining the fray along with those two modes today are:

  • Bloc: Large Russian apartment bloc. Intense Domination matches.
  • Countdown: Open launch pad. Huge sight lines and dangerous maneuvering.
  • Pipeline: Russian trainyard. Excellent team games.
  • Showdown: Small desert arena. Great fast gameplay for small numbers of players.
  • Strike: Large urban desert town. Excellent team games.
  • Wet Work: Medium-large cargo ship. Fast-paced Search and Destroy matches.

And as a bonus we’re adding a fan-favorite to the mix, and it has some goodies waiting for you to unwrap.

  • Winter Crash: Dark and snowy holiday-themed Crash. Beware the airstrikes…

The original Winter Crash was PC only, so this marks the console debut for what we hope becomes a holiday classic. You’ll also find that elves have created two special weapon camos that are particularly holiday-rific: Gift Wrap and Ugly Sweater. You can unlock these for each weapon class by completing challenges on Winter Crash, and be sure to search the map to find plenty of Easter Christmas eggs.

Along with the holiday camos, there are a ton of new personalization items available in Modern Warfare Remastered starting today. Dubbed ‘Operation Arctic Wolf,’ this loot drop features weapon camos, reticles, combat uniforms, emblems, calling cards, and more, including brand-new characters, which will also bring women in uniform to the fight in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the first time.

Raven Software has been hard at work on both Modern Warfare Remastered and this new content, and had this to say about the new content: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a game we want players to be engaged in for a long time. We’re excited to support this great game with new content, beginning today with a ton of new customization items that allow for a level of personalization that wasn’t possible in the original release in 2007. Personalization is a big part of Call of Duty and something we’ve done in the series for a while now that fans really enjoy. But of course, we’ve done it very carefully as our highest priority is to retain the balance, aesthetics and player silhouettes in the game.

Today’s batch includes animated calling cards, emblems, camos, character personalization items, weapon customization pieces, and even new melee weapons. You can craft them with our crafting currency called Parts, or obtain them through supply drops. The choice is yours, so earn as you deem fit. You can also grind your way through to everything.

We can’t wait to see the new content in the wild, and we’ll be monitoring and listening to the community to hear what they’ll want to see next. So, we hope everyone enjoys adding their personal touch and customizing their experience in this game we all love so much.”

We’re excited for players to experience all this new content. So what are you waiting for? Grab a controller and we’ll see you in Winter Crash! #TisTheSeason

For more intel about Call of Duty, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty, @InfinityWard and @RavenSoftware on Twitter.


Level 1

Go ***** yourself with the new melee weapons you cunts

Level 2

Awesome  new update . Pm me or add me on xbox. Username big bad bat guy. . Im gonna be on all night !!!

Level 2

So sweet . Thanks activision this will put me in the holidays spirit 

Level 1

What happened to everything being original? I was happy with the new camos, medals and all the other small additions. You just ruined a classic. Thanks guys 

Level 1

How about giving us the dedicated servers like we were promised in the FAQ on the MWR website? I couldn't care less about loot crates and crafting. This game and the promise of dedicated servers was THE SINGULAR REASON for me buying the sludge that came attached to this game, just so I could play what call of duty used to be.

Level 1

dear Activision please stop being greedy dirt bags, all I wanted was mordern warfare remastered not we do what we want cuz were greedy *****s that just want $, why can't you guys be decent human beings and give us what wee want I don't remember asking you guys to ruin mordern warfare wish you would have just did this gay ***** in infinite *****fare and kept it there...very very disappointed.

Level 1

If you don't like the changes don't play it I like the changes as long as there is no double jumping and wall running. I believe you can still play the original title on 360 do us all a favor and play it on there I'm sure they won't miss you

Level 1

this is the end of call of duty for me. I refuse to spend another dollar on a "pay to win" game. Thank you Activision, for ruining a classic.

btw infinate warfare sucks furballs

Thanks for maps and camos but as far as supply drops.... not a big fan of supply drops. but it is what it is. Only real issue that been bothering people in a clan I play on PC is...Get ready for a rant....



MWR lags like crazy while spawning. This issue seem to happen no matter what system I play. I tested about 4 or 5 cpus, 4 gpus and tweak all kinds of settings and still lag. Reminds me the time of certain maps lag while playing on advanced warfare (Which I think advance warfare would be better off having true matchmaking and not skill based which is dead on PC as of right now. I'm surprised Ghosts have players on pc...) 

as for the Infinite Warfare on PC.....the invite system is very broken. I can never able to play with all my friends in a lobby. The message box says "servers full" but everyone swears up and down they have 1 or 2 open spots for me to join while they in a lobby. So I have to close my game out. wait for at least 3 mins. and start steam and start IW again and able to join in a now progress game. Now that doesn't make any sense at all. others have the same issue so it's not just me.

Hope you iron out the bugs on both games. I do like them but so aggravating to enjoy the modes you love and the friends you hang out on teamspeak. Makes me just want to go refund (if steam allows me) and continue playing black ops 3. 



Level 1

Bought IW just to get MWR. That was my first mistake. Now, for the people saying if you don't like it, don't play it: I paid for MWR based on the idea it was going to be like the CoD4, but just remastered for the XB1. Not that it would be that way for a month, and then mutated into some horrible "used to be great" crapware. And I updated based on the advertising for the 6 new free maps, not realizing I was getting all this extra crap bundled-in. Activision -- when will you realize that CoD players don't want ... never mind; I don't think you guys listen to us anymore anyway.

Level 1

This game has already a low number of players on PC and now you deliver an update with those nice maps which crashes both single and multi player. Where the hack is your quality assurance?

Are there really tests prior to shipping this to the (small) user community?

Level 1

Not played the new maps yet as it took hours to download due to the amount of people downloading at the same time (I guess?)

Really looking forward to playing it though Smiley Happy

Level 1

any plans to bring the variety map pack to mwr?

Come on, all the cheating BS, yes if you are not playing with a regular xbox controller you are a cheater, and you don't allow for private chat? Who gives a shiit about boosters or teams or whatever on free for all they will be taken care of. My friends and I want to be able to play free for all and not hear the BS smack from some punk who have never even saw a real weapon, much less been in the military!!! Blow me activision!!!

Level 1

Can't wait ,

Level 1

You have such a *****ing piece of ***** game. Gun gay ass game doesnt *****ing work because you spawn right behind someone, your *****ing shots dont count when you clearly *****ing shoot someone, and it takes 10 *****ing shots for me to kill someone but 2 for *****ing them ***** you and yiur piece of *****ty programmed garbage

How about a 24/7 Winter crash so we can actually do the challenges and get to play the map....the map comes up and is chosen maybe 1 in every 12 games......

Level 1

Why do people say it's pay to win and it's only customization and they aren't ridiculous either (except the brawlers brew) so calm your hormones

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