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Craftable Prototype Streaks Come to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

Customize your Scorestreaks with new Prototype Streaks, but strategize carefully because these Scorestreak modifiers come with both pros and cons

By Kevin Kelly on May 2, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

A brand-new feature is available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare via the Quartermaster today: Craftable Prototype Streaks. These enhance existing Scorestreaks with unique and badass modifications that add an all-new strategic element to MP and the one and only way to get these new Scorestreaks is by crafting them from Salvage.

For instance, the UAV – Pack Rat Rare Variant (150 Salvage) will increase the lifetime of your UAV by five seconds, but it will also decrease the health of the UAV, meaning it can be shot down faster. The Trinity Rocket – Warhead Legendary Variant (300 Salvage) allows you to continually fire explosive missiles until the rocket hits the ground. However, there is a reload time between explosive payloads, and the missiles no longer track targets.

Note, every single Scorestreak Variant has been carefully balanced so they will also have a negative effect to counter the positive. Which means you’ll have to be strategic and plan carefully when and how you want to drop these. They will cost 150 Salvage for Rare, 300 for Legendary and 450 for Epic Variants.

To help highlight what you can do with these Craftable Prototype Streaks, we've highlighted some examples:


Scorchers – Hydra: This Epic Scorestreak allows you to choose three different locations for the Scorchers to strike, but the tradeoff is that it takes longer to launch them while you choose the strike locations, leaving you vulnerable as an easy kill.


Drone Package – Fuse: The upside is that this Rare Scorestreak with a low cost acts as a trap – there is a delayed explosion after enemies open it. However, the downside is that you can no longer get a streak from it.


Shock Sentry – SAM: this Legendary Scorestreak gives the turret SAM capabilities. It will periodically fire AA missiles at air targets, but as you can see here it will also prioritize player targets. However, the rounds will no longer arc and damage nearby targets on impact.


AP-3X – Reactor: An Epic Scorestreak that outfits your AP-3X with twin laser turrets. That’s right, frickin’ epic laser beams, courtesy of your flying little robot buddy in the sky. It’s purely a cosmetic change, but it looks pretty awesome.


Vulture – Kamikaze: This Rare Scorestreak yields a Vulture that will seek out an enemy target and explode when it reaches low health, just make sure you’re clear of the blast radius, because it can take you out as well. The tradeoff is that this Vulture is very fragile, and easily taken out.

Boot up Infinite Warfare today and head to the Scorestreak Lab in the Quartermaster, get crafty and start streaking! Just remember these Scorestreaks each come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely!

For more intel about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty and @InfinityWard on Twitter.


Level 1

So you are still doing nothing to fix the Dominion trophy glitch...? Just goes to show how lazy you are... You are just concerned about shoving DLC in our faces and taking our money when you should be fixing the problems at hand. Infinite Warfare will be the last Call of Duty game I will ever buy or play...!

Level 1

 Don't think I will be buying a new gin or anymore call of duty games for my PlayStation 3 not sure if I will be buying a PlayStation 4 too many hackers  can't enjoy a call of duty game without cheaters XUID SPOOF / Hackers kicking you from lobby lag switch  aim bot infinite specialist abilities not sure once they got your xuid or your IP address can they stop u from playing other online games  played with some one on bo3  he told me he could turn my TV off and my modem off said you couldn't and damned if he did my TV  went to a black screen then went to the smart TV logo and the TV turned back on my modem completely reset itself PlayStation never turned off 

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