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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the Biggest Entertainment Launch of 2015

Fans set new records for engagement, digital sales, and more.

By Scott Lowe on November 11, 2015 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Less than a week ago, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 arrived to fans around the world and thanks to their incredible support, it went on to become the biggest entertainment release of the year, including theatrical box office, music, and books, and surpassed $550 million in sell-through worldwide*—all within its first three days of availability. Players also set a new record for engagement per player for Call of Duty. Overall, gamers combined to spend more than 75 million hours online in Black Ops 3 in its first three days. For fans on PlayStation 4, Black Ops 3 marked a new record as the best-selling digital full game by units sold in its first day of availability on PS4.

At launch and in the days that followed, critics also shared their praise for Black Ops 3’s depth and breadth of content, including its one to four-player cooperative campaign**, feature-packed multiplayer, and all-new zombies experience:

“The biggest and most feature-packed Call of Duty to date.” — IGN

“Multiplayer is excellent” — Game Informer

“Black Ops 3 has upped its game, giving exciting updates to the fan-favorite Zombies and the classic multiplayer” — The Escapist

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* Biggest entertainment launch of the year is based on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 retail and digital sell-through, including Season Pass, and reported movie, music and book gross sales, each for the opening three-days following initial launch, according to publicly-available data, retail customer sell-through information and internal Activision estimates.  Digital download increase of Black Ops 3 versus last year is based on sell-through in first three days after initial launch.  Engagement is based on internal reporting of hours of gameplay per player for three days after initial launch.  Highest per player engagement for a Call of Duty game is based on available data starting with Call of Duty: Black Ops 1.

**Campaign mode available on next generation consoles and PC only. Game performance varies by platform.  For more details visit


Level 5

**until Star Wars - The Force Awakens that is...

I wonder if someone also will get a prize for the survey of the beta, I did confirm my information and said that in the coming weeks would receive the award, it was days before the release of the game and still have not received anything , Does anyone know who is ??

I have looked forward to the launch of Black Ops 3 for months now. I have not gone to an XBOX One yet and was excited to see the game coming to the 360. I bought the game earlier this week and I have to say I'm very disappointed in the game. Besides the fact that the campaign mode was not given to 360 owners, but the gameplay itself is one of the most disappointing games I've purchased in years. I have gotten the newest Call Of Duty every year for the past 6 years and never have I been disappointed in one until now. Sadly, I can't wait to sell it to get something like Battlefront or something that I will enjoy on my 360. Not everyone has made the jump to next gen. Some people can't even afford to jump to next gen, especially when their 360 is working fine.

Again, I'm very disappointed in Black Ops 3. It could have been such a great game.

Level 1

I agree with you 100%! I am a PS3 owner and not looking to jump on the next gen bandwagon anytime soon!  I think they should not have made this game available to us in this state - it's pathetic! But then I guess they wouldn't be able to tote the sales numbers and BS comments listed above! Are you kidding me?  How can they be proud of this product? Especially when they have made such great games in the past! Sounds like someone is doing some major PR damage control because I bought two copies of this thing  and I think I got hosed!  Read the customer support forums! Doesn't sound like a lot of happy gamers to me! And this unhappy gamer is done with Call Of Duty because of this!

Level 2

I buy this game 3 days ago.

I cant play,my ps3 freeze every 10 min.

Conection lost every 20min and host migrations.

I go to shop and ask to get refound,they tell me game is ok.

I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for this pice of s.....

I just wounder who take responsibility for this.

Waste money and waste time.

Activision do play this game before send to the shop????!!!!

Level 1

Bonjour juste pour prevenir les futur acheteur de call of duty bo3 que ce jeu est une grosse arnarque le réseau multi ne fonctionne pas le soir + différent bug en zombie. En tout cas merci a activision de mavoir fait acheter un jeu a 100euros qui ne marche pas ''bande de ._. De ._._."

Level 1

Hola buenas, soy Andrés desde Uruguay, No se si aca donde puedo hacer la pregunta, hace un día me compre el call of duty 3 y mi sorpresa es que no esta en español ni los subtítulos, me gustaria que "ACTIVICION", hiciera algo al respecto, sacar un parche o algo por el estilo.

Desde ya muchas gracias.

Level 1

I can't believe you would release a game like bo3 to the world that is not completed. Pre ordered a game that makes my PS3 freez about 7 times a night and then makes me take about 20min each time to get into psn again! Servers are up to shit! Don't get me wrong the +- 2 games I play a night is amazing but I have never in my life had so many prob with a game. We will probably get a 20gig update that will cost me a lot of money for your bad workmanship!!!!

So disappointed in this!!!!

Bo3 servers muito lag arrumem isso logooo por favorrr

Level 1

How can they be calling this game sucsessful? For the older systems like the Xbox 360 and Ps3 this game has been terrible to play. I can barely make through a full game without lagging out or locking up. You would think since the older generation systems out sold the newer, they would make it a priority to fix these problems in a timely manner. I am very disappointed in Black ops 3 and will not recommend it to anyone.

This is the worst black ops 3 game ever for ps3 i can't play the campaign we Don't get nuketown and yes I'm a ps3 player and its not fair to us we have been to loyal to PlayStation we all can't afford ps4 93rd understandable but be fair fix our servers show more care for the loyal ps3 players GIVE US NUKETOWN GIVE US NUKETOWN ITS JUST NOT FAIR WELL EVEN PAY FOR IT JUST GIVE IT TO US PS3 PS3........

Level 1

i am having a hard time finding lobby's for zombies. Also I am currently unable to repack-a-punch my weapons, it started 11/17/15 after i updated my console. i took off all my weapons attachments and camo. I am currently trying to complete all of the challenges for zombies and i can not do this with out the repack-a-punch. Please help me out.


Level 1

Unplayable on PS3. Nuff said.

Level 1

Totally agree with this comment. Yet again profit before players. .very sad.

Level 1

I have had this game for 3 days tried to get a refund; however, I did not qualify for a refund. I cant get any audio with this game. All my other games play great. This sucks

Level 1

This is pure bull crap got the game on the 6th haven't been able to play a straight game since on my 360 you guys suck wasted 59 bucks for crap ty for making this the worst possible gaming experience ever . ..

Level 1

You had recored sales because we expected a good game.  If we the consumers would have known what a piece of crap game this is we would have never bought it.  More people want their money back than there are happy with what they got.  Biggest disappointment ever.  Activision has nothing to be proud of, we were duked so shame on us for not trying the game before we bought it.  I will never buy another one of your games.  Please offer us our money back, we deserve it!!!

Level 1

It amazes me the lengths this company has gone. I cannot comment on this blog under my original account as I assume i have contacted them too much. Every time i log into this blog the page is blank. I had to create another account to even log into and comment on this blog. This game is a major POS ! the constant issues on the 360 platform and the mindset from tech support is very disheartening. I have called, read all the online crap, talked to tech thru online chat. After several open cases and no resolution what is a person to do. Constant error messages, and tech support saying having you tried this or tried that. How about fix the problem which is on your end. If i was the only one then i would accept i was the problem but this is not the case. In the automobile world they have whats called a lemon law. After 3 repairs for the same problem the either give you another car or refund your money. I would suggests you open your wallets. 1 person in a class action lawsuits isn't much but hundreds or thousands would be. And win or loose doesn't matter its the costs or trying to defend this case that will really dig into your pockets

Level 1

black opp 3 is the worst multiplayer ive played ever!!! i was excited to play for months now its here and it sucks . the lag is out of control.there is always two guys on the other team that are double digit kills and single digit deaths , every one  else is single digit kills and double digits deaths, i know im better than  5-27 on multiple matches. i ll shoot 5 rounds at some one and they get me in two, and i get multiple hit markers on hard core, the lag is so bad  every one is jumping around the screen.. i have had my cable company out here twice to fix a problem that is not Comcast. its this crappy game.i would of thought that this type of shit would of been taking care of. i know that there will be some lag from time to time.but 3 to 4 good matches out of 20. oh an the  nuke town oh my god you think it was a dance party. if this is the future of cod, than there will be no future for cod in this house and i will tell everyone i know not to buy theses games. i buy the games here  and i will not be buying anymore cod if this is what to expect. c.....r....a....p...!!!!!!!

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