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Announcing the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

By popular demand, the Variety Map Pack is heading to Modern Warfare Remastered and bringing four epic maps with it!

By Kevin Kelly on March 7, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

We’ve heard lots of you asking for it, so we are excited to announce that as part of #MarchRemastered, the Variety Map Pack will be heading to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, bringing four epic maps into the updated experience. There’s even more coming to Modern Warfare Remastered this month, and we wanted to start it off with the map pack players have been asking for.

Arriving first on the PlayStation 4 on March 21, the Variety Map Pack will have a suggested retail price of $14.99 and will include 10 Rare Supply Drops, which represents a $20 bonus value (based on Rare Supply Drop suggested retail prices, actual value may vary).

The Variety Map Pack contains some of the most epic maps in Modern Warfare history, allowing you to experience four classic locations in all of their remastered glory across a range of different environments.


Broadcast: Based on the TV station from the campaign mission “Charlie Don’t Surf”, this map provides a unique blend of confined corridors and wide-open spaces. Outside the station, the parking lot contains long sightlines, but once inside, cramped hallways and a computer-cluttered broadcast room provide ample close-range combat opportunities.


Chinatown: Set in a foggy downtown district, this nighttime map is lit up by flickering neon signs and a full moon. A re-imagining of the original Call of Duty multiplayer map “Carentan”, players will need to be careful on these streets, as almost every building in the map can be occupied, providing perfect cover for enemies waiting for a chance to line you up in their sights.


Creek: Set in a wide-open village ravaged by combat where concealment is the difference between life and death, a gaping ravine divides this map into two. Open clearings with sheer cliff faces and ample forested cover make this map ideal for snipers and long-range firefights.


  • Killhouse: A small training warehouse filled with various building mock ups that feature soft and hard cover points. Expect fast-paced and fierce firefights for maximum close-quarters chaos.

Whether you’re ready to experience a blistering Team Deathmatch on Broadcast, or running rampant during Headquarters on Chinatown, the Variety Map Pack allows you to experience Modern Warfare Remastered in a whole new way. 

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Variety Map Pack is available to preorder now for the PlayStation 4, with other platforms to come later. 

For more intel about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty and @RavenSoftware on Twitter.



Level 1

So I have to pay $14.99 even if I bought the season pass.........bruh


Level 1

That's enough! i'm not going to pay for anymore thing until next Call Of Duty comes out, you basiclly selling us something that you promised us to give us FREE after we purchase the garbage Infinite Warfare, i'm not saying this because i am bad at the game, i play really good but this is not how Call Of Duty meant to be, stop thinking about money and think about your community, also Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is full of campers and i wouldn't pay for something to sit in a corner until someone comes to me i need a real game that you rush in their spawn and they come to you not a slow game which everyone's lazy to move and they camp in a corner. i am just telling you, if you keep this going, you are going to lose all Call Of Duty real fans and you will end up being a forgotten game by all the fans.

Level 1

We aren't gonna pay $15 for 4 maps. P.s. Stop overusing the word "epic ".

This isn't part of the season pass we already bought? Pretty sure that's why we got the season pass cause we thought it covered mwr and iw. Most of my friends have stopped playing COD, guess it's finally my turn. 

Level 3

You will NOT get one more red cent from me for any other game you make. Activision is a joke. I spent $150.00 on the games and the map packs and now you want another 15.00 on top of that? Good luck with that. Greed will get you in the end. $165.00 grand total...... I have a comment but the swear words would just make me look smaller than you do right now.

Level 1

There are only 5 comments on the Activision blog and they are all bad!!! Plus this dlc pack comes out for PS early with no date on other platforms. Not even season pass holders benefit from this. Wrong message Activision!!!

Level 1

Activision, you can keep the maps if you want more money from me... I could be wrong but I thought season pass was to get all the map packs for free. 


$14.99 for maps on MWR? You would think since Infinite Warfare Multiplayer is so bad that u would give 4 maps for free at least for season pass holders! More people are playing Black Ops 3 over Infinite Warfare daily all u have to do is check the most played games list on Xbox1 and PS4! Now I would pay $14.99 for another DLC for BO3 cause that game is still fun where IW is the worst COD multiplayer ever made I try IW after every update and it's still *****. There are no tweaks or fixes for IW the Multiplayer is embarrassing even Pro's and most YouTubers agree it's bad!! Even the biggest COD YouTuber Ali-A doesn't like IW and that's how he makes his money!! Activision you guys have turned into MONEY WHORES!!   Sincerely, One of ur biggest fanboys opinion!!

Level 1

Charging money for DLC on a remastered game, that itself was DLC. This is a first.. I can only assume these maps must have required serious development time for their original content.. Asshats.

Level 1

I begrudgingly bought the legacy edition recently just because a couple of my friends have been wanting me to play MWR with them. I was holding out in hopes that Activition would sell MWR separately because I don't like how they're using MWR to buff their IW sales numbers. Finally I caved. I haven't launched the IW application once, only played MWR a few times (and find it annoying that I must have the IW disc in the console to play it). MWR is enjoyable but I'm not giving them another dime for this. I don't have a season pass but I find it extremely crappy to make season pass holders pay for this DLC. Like another commenter said - pay for a map pack of a remastered game that was paid DLC for the original game as well? Seriously? For what its worth, I am someone who fell in love with Call of Duty with the original game on PC. Sadly, I feel like Activision is about to prove that all good things must come to an end. To others fed up with this, give Rainbow Six Siege a try! To be clear it is much different than CoD - slower paced and more tactical - but I am hooked. The support is great and I love their DLC model.

Level 1

This absolutely beyond ridiculous these stupid four maps need to be free no remastered game should be pay to play. Activision you're about to lose almost all of your customers because you guys are to money hungry to realize how to keep your fan base. 

Level 1

This is just depressing Activision. The origional cod 4 was the first game I got on the xbox back in the day and pretty  much jumpstarted my gaming life. I've been dedicated to cod pretty much ever since, even when I didnt want to get some of the games I would anyway even if I never really played them cause they were a flop like ghosts or advanced warfare, but id do it to support the game and you guys because of how much you used to take care of your fans. So what the hell happened over the last few year, so many people have voiced so many of the same concerns and complaints and you never seem to even acknowledge them anymore. Especially this bs with the remastered maps. Like i said im a dedicated fan so i did spend the 100$ to get the special edition with the season pass only because mw4 was there and I figured if you are gonna hide it behind the biggest turd you ever made you'd give us all of the dlc from original version with the game or at least include it with the season pass which is the only reason I bothered to get the season pass for this. But no what do you do? Charge 5$ more then it origionally cost. Do you just not care about us anymore? I realize that IW was absolute trash and ya probably didn't make as much and you wanted to, but don't punish us for your screw up. We had to wait forever for this game to come out and literally every game you made since the xbox one came out, when i would get into lobbys and talk to people after matches we would eventually talk about how amazing a remastered cod 4 would be and after so many years finally hearing it get announced made my whole year. Until I realised you were hiding it behind IW of course, but like I said being the dedicated fan it irritated me a bit but at least I finally got to play the best cod game ever again. Basically what im getting at is cod 4 was the game that really got your fanbase rolling, how can you take such a good nostalgic memory for cod gamers and just screw us over by charging us 15$ every time a ***** map pack comes out when its all stuff that has been released and played on before. Its not like its new maps or anything its all ones I still know like the back of my hand. Plus if it wasn't for that game you wouldn't have even sold probably half the copies of IW that you already have. And the majority of people on that game that I've talked to are the dedicated fans like me who played it back in the day and have been waiting for years for this opportunity and you arent even gonna allow use to play it to the fullest with paying. You dont seem to care about your fans anymore and soon enough we are gonna be done caring about you too. Greed only gets you so far.

Level 1

why not world wide variety map pack i search on my playstation netherlands no variety pack fixit

Level 1

Meanwhile Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Maps are free unlike anything that has a Activi$ion tag on its game. I bet you that come August or September they will sell us DLC from The Crash N sane Collection that was in the game to. Point is though I will likely be playing Andromeda in which new maps are free rather than paying for old maps for half the game that its worth. Oh and I am glad I Haven't bought this game or infinite warfare I bought Black Ops 3 at a discounted price but where it stands Black Ops 3 is where the last Activision game that I supported with my Wallet remains. Have fun finding new idiots who will by your games because I won't.

Level 1

When you originally posted this, you said that we would get the rare supply drops as an early gift on the 14th for preordering the map pack that hits on the 21st. Well the 14th came and went - no supply drops. Now you have edited your blog to erase all evidence of saying so. Nice bait and switch. Activision, you guys SUCK.

Level 1

wtf I paid for season pass with infinite warfare and i don't get the map pack for remastered wtf guess I'm done with cod fi

Level 11

Wait for Battalion 1944 in a few months.   CoD style play, REAL dedicated servers, PC oriented development, and none of Activisions greed.    Give them support, CoD needs to die off already and some other company needs the mantle. 

Level 1

I'm really aggravated because we bought the new map packs and when we try to play multiplayer the new maps show up for a second then every single time it puts us immediately into and old map. We literally spent the money and have yet to get to play a single new map and it's been two days. 😡

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