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Almost Ten Years of Undead History Comes Together in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles

Treyarch packs their favorite Zombies moments from three Call of Duty games together into a completely remastered experience

By Kevin Kelly on May 8, 2017 Editorial Manager
Level 28

Last week, Treyarch Studios’ Jason Blundell revealed a special treat for Zombies fans, Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles,  a remastered Zombies experience coming first to PlayStation 4 on May 16, and available for preorder starting today.

Zombies Chronicles takes players through eight fully-remastered maps from previous Treyarch Call of Duty games: Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, all in true HD with current-generation visuals, enhanced lighting, revamped character models and environments, and updated AI and audio systems. Players will also be able to use custom weapons, including current weaponry featured in Black Ops III that wasn’t featured in the original maps.

Zombies Chronicles is really about the community that made Zombies what it has become today,” said Jason Blundell, Co-Studio Head, Treyarch. “Together, we’ve been slaying the undead for nearly ten years, across different game consoles, and Zombies Chronicles is really about bringing all of those fans together.”

The eight maps featured in Zombies Chronicles represent some of Treyarch’s favorite moments from Zombies history, which also chronicle the origins of Treyarch’s Zombies storyline, leading to the events of Black Ops III. In fact, you can now read the entire narrative for Zombies Chronicles on the official timeline.


Experience some of the most thrilling maps in Zombies history in their full HD glory, including Shangri-La, a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle where the undead lurk within a treacherous labyrinth of underground caverns; Kino Der Toten, an abandoned cinema packed with swarms of Crawler Zombies and fiery traps; Shi No Numa, a swamp of death in a sweltering jungle; Origins, an abandoned German excavation site, and more!

Call of Duty: World at War

  • Nacht der Untoten - Where it all began: an abandoned airfield suspended in space and plagued by infinite hordes of the undead.
  • Verruckt - Welcome to Wittenau Sanitorium, a German asylum with dark corridors, terrifying undead enemies, and even darker secrets.
  • Shi No Numa - A “swamp of death” located in Japanese territory, surrounded by a sweltering jungle, hellhounds, and endless armies of the undead.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Kino der Untoten - An abandoned cinema packed with swarms of Crawler Zombies and fiery traps.
  • Ascension - An abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome where unholy creations lurk in the shadows, and dark undead experiments run loose.
  • Shangri-la - A legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle where the undead emerge from within a treacherous labyrinth of underground caverns, deadly traps, and dark secrets.
  • Moon - Travel to the Moon where forgotten undead creatures plague a horrifying, cratered landscape

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

  • Origins - An excavation site left behind after the Germans unearthed the mysterious new "Element 115," and unleashed the greatest evil the world has ever seen.


Beginning on launch day, May 16, Activision and Treyarch will kick off “8 Days of the Undead,” where players of Black Ops III on all platforms and players of Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles on PS4 can earn Double XP, engage in community challenges, and get free loot including Zombies calling cards, weapon camos, new GobbleGums, and PS4 themes.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles is available digitally on May 16 on PlayStation 4 for a suggested retail price of $29.99, and requires Call of Duty: Black Ops III to play. Along with the eight remastered maps and gameplay, players will also get:

  • 20 Vials of Liquid Divinium
  • 2 All-New, Whimsical GobbleGums
  • Exclusive Zombies Pack-A-Punch Weapon Camo
  • Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Dynamic System Theme for PlayStation 4, an exclusive pre-order incentive

The lore and lure of Call of Duty Zombies was all started by an Easter egg back in Call of Duty: World at War nearly ten years ago, and now the mode has become a staple in the complete Call of Duty experience. We can’t wait to jump into Zombies Chronicles to play through it all over again, and we look forward to battling the undead alongside you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles is a content expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops III which is sold separately and is required to play this downloadable content pack

For more intel about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, be sure to visit and follow @CallofDuty and @Treyarch on Twitter.


Level 3

Charging $30 for Zombies is one thing, tying it to owning Black Ops III (a game I still regret owning) is so Activision

I wish they kept the og guns not bo3 guns.

This would have been a great idea if you didnt need Black Ops 3 which I refuse to own cause its a horrible game and also the fact you only get 3 maps which only 3 of them I like and you probs wont add more and it gets even worse when you change the weapons and charge a price of nearly a full game. If this was a stand alone game with all the maps from World at war and black ops 1 and 2 then I would happly pay full price.

Level 1

Who's idea was it to put shangri la on there instead of call of the dead and $30? Already owned WaW,BO1,2 and 3 and every map pack why am I buying them again?

Level 1

Make the game standalone, keep the original weapons, don't add the gobblegum. Don't change the original formula. 

Level 1

When will the dlc be released for Xbox one?

@LewisHaze48 They picked all the maps that had the 4 original characters.. I'm guessing because they had to hire the voice actors (new gobblegum dialogue and possibly other new, alternate reality dialogue) and it would be expensive getting the celebrities back for Call of The Dead, a map I wanted too. Same for getting Tranzit crew back and Mob of The Dead actors. Shangri La, Verukt and Nacht Der Untoten could all have been missed if it were up to me, in exchange for Nuketown, Mob of The Dead and Tranzit. Shi No Numa is all right but I'd have traded that for Call of The Dead any day. Still not complaining. Really happy to get 8 more maps than I expected. $30 is asking a lot but I already preordered and I know I will get more out of this $30 than I get for most $60 games.

@ThewaterlilyI'd be down for old weapons as long as they made them upgradable. I prestiged a while ago and miss leveling. Gobblegum has to stay for me though, at the very least for Nacht Der Untoten haha. That map is too rough to enjoy with buddies who haven't played as much. Gobblegum is a much needed handicap.

@KillerRichManAww you didn't like Black Ops 3? I'm not usually a multiplayer guy but Black Ops 3 is the first time I was able to get max prestige, because it was so fun. I guess some people appreciate the boots on the groud style, but I just need more to my gameplay to keep me engaged.. although pretty sure I have ADD haha. Personally, I think you could have a lot of fun with it if you got to know the maps, unless you just can't stand boost mechanics.

Here to get the goddam beautiful zombie wallpaper with an arm made of maps?

Level 1

didin't get the liquid diviniums promised for pre ordering zombies chronicles got everthing else but those tried multiple ways to try and get them and nothing yet truley not fair if anyone has help please

Level 1

y para cuando lo tendremos en xbox one ???

Level 1

Nice to know treyarch just dont know how to make anything worth somethin any more. Maps look good but everything else primarily the guns selection in the map to just throwin random stuff in the mystery box just shows a rush after maps were complete. Nice to have a refund and actually knw what their intendtions were

I was not guven  liquid diviniums as promised in the dlc for ZC for preorder

Level 1

Does Choronicles comes out on pc ?

they only talked about ps4 here

Level 1

does it come out on pc 2 and what date I WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT!!!!!!

Level 1

Very disappointed that they didn't bring back the old guns. I understand it would have taken more developing, but Treyarch not willing to go the extra mile for their long-time customers is really sh*tty

If I only have one of the dlcs and I buy the season pass now, will I get all the other docs and chronicles and origins for free?

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